Lung Cancer Treatment Choices

Hello I'm new here.

I was diagnosed with T4 lung cancer about 20 months ago. Initially given about 3 months by one oncologist and referred to my present oncologist for palliative care. 

The new oncologist would not give a prognosis but immediately put me on Tagrisso/Osmertinib.  This was very successful as the drug inhibited cancer growth for the past 18 months.

I was told the effect of the drug would not be permanent and that has now proved to be true.  My latest scan show new growth.  I have been offered chemo, immunotherapy and a choice of other drugs. All of which carry the typical lists of side effects, some of which are not very pleasant.

I find myself with a dilemma.  Either carry on with the weakening inhibitor (minor side effects) but enabling me to have a good quality (albeit much shorter life) or start the aggressive treatments which will certainly extend my lifespan but with, at best, a reduced or poor quality of life.

As I'm 76 years old I am veering towards giving the suggested chemo/immuno a wide berth and going for a better (shorter) life.  My family are ok with this.

Any views?



  • Hi Sorry you find yourself with this question.

    I also have lung cancer, i did chemo, immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

    So i am looking at it from my point of view only.

    I would be going for the chemo/immunotherapy, a go, on the understanding, if the side-effects where that bad, i could then go back on the.

    weakening inhibitor.

    Side effects do sound terrible with all treatments, though not everyone gets them everyone is different.

    So that is my view, though have to make the choice which is best for you,

    I wish you well in your choice,

    Ellie x


  • Hi Ian - this is a tricky decision and there's no right or wrong answer, only the one you feel most comfortable with.  As Tagrisso/Osmertinib has stopped being effective for you I am wondering what the rationale would be for continuing with it, or perhaps I misunderstood the options you were given?  I'd check with your oncologist whether you can revert back to a previous drug.  There's a lot of rules about what treatment options are available once you start down a specific pathway.  Also, I'm not an objective contributor here  as immunotherapy is doing its stuff for me, but if and when I get new growth, we'll probably try a different immunotherapy TKI - the same drug family as the one you're on now I think. 

    Remember they have to advise you of all the side effects.  I agree the treatment options sound horrible - I thought the same.  But they really don't know how your body will react to it or if it will be effective.  I have a ton of anti-sickness and diarrhoea tabs I never used.  But you can always try something and stop, or reduce the dose, or try the remedies they give you for the side effects.    

    I'm not sure I follow your reasoning that one option will give you longer and the other option will give you a better quality of life?

    What helped me choose the treatment I am on now, was a 1.5 hour chat with a registrar at my oncology unit.  She went through all the options, pros and cons of each, along with what was licensed/possible.  I felt so empowered!  Haven't seen her since LOL  Oh I also googled a lot to see what was giving good results for my cancer (renal).  But googling isn't for everyone.

    I wish you all the best, and let us know how you get on.  

  • Hi Ian!

    I was diagnosed Oct 2015 Lungcancer terminal no OP as it had spread already...chemo two different ones did not work for me, then i had and still have immuno therapy wit Nivulumab...and i am stable ever since. Only side effect are my thyroids playing up...but i have a good quality of life!!!

  • Good Morning Ellie,

    Thank you for your reply. 

    This is the first time I have had the opportunity to communicate with someone "in the same boat" as me.

    And it really helps!

    I am giving your suggestion a lot of thought - for which I am grateful.  



  • Good Morning,

    Please use the group or site, we are all here for each other.

    No one truly understand what we are going threw, sorry to say not even family at times.

    Only those effected can and do, i do not always let my grown up children i put what i call my other face on, and try to protect them, though do not get me wrong, i have done moments and come here.

    To moan, rant, cry, scream and always makes me fill better, always some one to listen.

    Ian i was diagnose in 2016, i am now waiting  to see what i am going to be offered, in regards of further treatment, so not done bad,

    Have fractures in pelvis will know next Wednesday if definitely cancer, at start they thought was Osteoporosis.

    It is good to get other peoples thoughts on the matter,  i am not ready to go any where yet.

    Do not get me wrong, i am older than when i started, and have slowed down, i say it is my age,, which is the same age bracket as yours,

    I still run the house, though does take me longer, and why wouldn't it,

    Please  fill free, to ask anything or just to chat .


  • I thought I was using the site? 

  • Hi  you are using the site. What   means is come here as often as you want to chat, rant or let off steam. X 


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  • Thanks Chelle silly me 


  • Sorry Ian, i confused you, come here when ever you want, always some one here.


  • Thanks for unconfusing me Ellie and Chelle.