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Hi I am new to this and finding it very hard got diagnosed end of August 2022 been a whirlwind of test chemo and got radiation treatment on the horizon but also trying to get my head around it plus stay strong for my 3 kids and 3 grandkids plus my husband but as you can imagine finding it hard they are all supportive but I've always been the strong one and now got time on my hands as not working how are any of you getting your head around it all 

  • Hello Dotty. Welcome to this group. Plenty of help and advice to be found.

    You will get your head around it, everyone does. You cannot worry for ever, things just become a bit clearer over a period of time.

    others with more useful tips will be along to help. You will manage.

  • Hi Dotty12, sorry to see you on this site but welcome anyway, I noticed you don't say which Cancer you have and if it's spread, as my friend Davef says there are plenty of ladies on this group, who would be able to give you advice, I'll give them a nudge for you, All the best Ulls 

  • Sorry its small cell lung cancer I've got in lympno in chest pockets in liver and in some bones Dont know which ones as didn't want to know after chemo I've been told it as shrunk and like I said start radiotherapy this month to be honest I am not in any pain and besides loosening my hair you would not believe I have it been luck with chemo had little side effects 

  • Hi Dotty12, I've posted on the most used section of this group, when the ladies will be talking to you, some of them are similar to your cancer's,

  • Hi Dotty12 welcome to the group that no one wants to join. 
    My cancer is endometrial stromal sarcoma, which is now in my lungs. I have had radiotherapy to my lung, so I can help you with any questions you may have about that.

    Having time on your hands definitely makes things harder. Gives that brain of ours far too much time to think. That’s why this group is so good, it gives you the opportunity to speak to others that are in the same boat. Family can be very supportive, but nobody knows what it is like to have incurable cancer, unless you have it yourself. Do you have a Maggie’s centre near you? They offer so much support but also have groups there which you may be able to join, help to keep you busy ? Xx 


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  • Hi Dotty

    Sorry you have had to join this group, though you are most welcome, and will get lots of support here, when and if you need it.

    You can scream, rant, moan,laugh and even cry, we have all done it, so know what one may be going threw,

    Its takes a while to get your head round it,and everyone, is different in how they deal with their prognosis, what ever way  you choose, is the right way for you,

    I have always been a strong person i have to say, and when i got my diagnosis, all my kids where round, and i told them from the start, do not smother me, as you have never done that, and i do not want it either,(Mind you i bet they wish they could smother me some times when i am moaning lol)

    Please ask anything you may wish to know, or need an answer for, i am sure some one will have the answer



  • To be honest I've only just started looking at what's out their I've go to a cancer center for reiki I get 6 sessions only had 1 so far but looking forward to going again Wednesday as found it helps me focus but yes I've worked all my life and now seem lost but think I need to start putting my self first for a while I've been a carer for so long find it hard to let others  in  but I will have a look what's round as I think being face to face might be better as my circle of friends is very small and like everyone says they know how it's effecting them but when it comes to me they can't imagine  thank you

  • Hi Dotty12 and a warm welcome! If your diagnosis was just in August, it is very early days yet and I'm sure you feel as if you are on a roller coaster of appointments. That's great you avoided the side effects with the chemo and by the sound of things it has worked.  So far so good. One of the hardest things, in my opinion, is telling family and/or friends! It felt to me as if they were watching me all the time, looking for symptoms! Of course that was just my imagination working overtime and I'm sure yours will too.

    It isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight but the best thing to do, I found, was to take it one day at a time and try not to Google anything because these websites do not have up to date data, or information on the new drugs being developed etc.

    I don't want to give you too much info all at once because I know what you are going through. Everyone in this group has been where you are now and I can assure you things will get better. Just give it time and come here when you have questions or feel it's all a bit much. You can say what you really feel here, things you wouldn't say to your family! We are here to support one another. Oh by the way, there are lots of us here who are well past our predicted sell by date! 

    Love Annette x

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  • Thanks chelle for the welcome sorry but I have always been the helper and supportive to everyone  but now don't know which way to turn but when I go to center next Wednesday will ask if theirs any where I can go