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Hi there, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm sad to be here as I'm sure we all are, but I'm grateful to find a place for support and understanding. In December 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer after a total hysterectomy. I had 4 cycles of chemo, 25 radiotherapy and also brachytherapy. For 2 years I was NED, however in June during a routine monitoring scan they found metastasis in my lungs. I am now having chemo and I'm due a scan this month to see if it's working. If it is I will have 3 more cycles and then immunotherapy. If it's not they will try a different chemo. It's so difficult living with this hanging over me, but I have a partner and kids and want to be here for their future so I will fight with every fibre of me being. Thanks for welcoming me to this group of very special people xx

  • Hi RJA123, It's not nice being told that the cancer has moved to other organs, quit a lot  of us on here have it in more than one place. Mines has been stable for 3 years in October. I hope your treatment works for you and your scan has good results for you. I get my 3 monthly scan results tomorrow ( fingers crossed). Keep  in touch and let us no how your doing. There a good bunch on here and quit a bit of humour and very supportive  xx


  • Hi RJA

    I am sad you are here as well, though you are very welcome.

    You will get a great lot of support here, great bunch of people, and always here to listen to what ever a question may be.

    lI have had chemo, radiotherapy and two years of immunotherapy, there are different types, of treatment these days..

    Positive Attitude i believe helps a lot, you have something to fight for, do not get me wrong, we all have down days, part of this roller coaster road, thatch what i call it,

    Hope others pop in,  i am not in good place at moment , though did not want you think no one was here, always some one.here.

    Ellie x


  • Hi RJA123, I note 2 of my friend's have welcomed you to the group, I have no knowledge of your cancer or treatment, I'm sure you oncologist will have you on the right track, and yes there are lovely ladies in the group, if you read some of the post, don't worry we take the micky out of one another as well as giving support 

    1. Hello RJA123 and welcome to the group!  It’s good your team already have a plan in mind if the chemo doesn’t work. I hope you won’t be feeling too poorly with it and get good results first time. Wishing you all the best. xx
  • Hi and welcome.  People are a bit funny on here, they laugh at their cancer instead of taking it seriously.,,

    You have a plan, we all love a plan. Sit back and let your team sort you out.

    Best wishes.

  • Hi RJA123 welcome to the group, but so sorry you have had to join us here. My cancer is endometrial stromal sarcoma. The cancer was found after a hysterectomy in 2009 and I too was NED for nearly 5 years. There was me waiting waiting to hear I was all clear, and needed no further monitoring, but my cancer had other ideas and decided to set up camp in both lungs instead. I have been 8 years stable on hormone treatment, but the scans and anxiety do not get any easier. 

    Good luck with the scan, and fingers crossed you can start the immunotherapy xx 


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  • Hi RJA123

    Welcome to this group. I hope that you feel somewhat  reassured from previous replies.

    1. I'm in a similar situation to you. I was diagnosed Feb 2021 with endometrial cancer (serous adenocarcinoma). I had a radical hysterectomy abd 6 monthly treatments of carboplatin. In December 21 I was told NVE. Unfortunately, after a scan in July this year, my results came back with metastatic cancer in my peritoneum. I am having 3 more sessions of carboplatin then a scan to see if the tumours have shrunk,  that will be in about 5-6 weeks.  I was absolutely devastated by the news but I have somehow accepted it and have a positive and determined attitude to fight this. The posts on this group are helpful and hopeful. I don't really post but I do read what others put.  
    2. I hope your scan gives you some encouraging news.
  • Hi RJA,

    Sorry you find yourself here but everyone is very friendly and they are a great bunch of folks. I was diagnosed in January this year with endometrial cancer, thought to be stage 1 and contained, 2 ops later and by the end of April I was stage 4. Bit of a rollercoaster! Please click on my username to read my profile.

    I'm having my 6th and last chemo this Friday, midway CT reported good results. I'm just hoping it doesn't come straight back. I know what you mean about it hanging over you, I've had 2 lots of counselling and am trying to take back control from it but it's always lurking in the background. Best wishes for your treatment.

    A x

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