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Got some really good news from my oncologist today. I had a scan a couple of weeks ago, 3 months after my liver ablation procedure. The scan found no signs of cancer. In some ways I am finding it hard to believe this as I have been through a couple of years of treatment and side effect hell to get to this point, including a previous failed ablation, and a serious immunotherapy related adverse event that damaged my kidneys, thyroid and lungs, which I am still not fully recovered from. There have been significant impacts to my energy levels and general mobility too. There’s obviously no knowing how long this will last but it’s time to try to work on my fitness and general capacity. I have also been cleared to come off the steroids I have been weaning down since the IRAE last September. 

Currently on holiday in Sicily, will post a longer update on my blog when I get a chance. 

  • Hi  

    Great news that your cancer is stable. Have a great holiday.

    A x

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  • Wow!  Best news all day! Amazing.    

  • What fantastic news! It does take some time to sink in fully, especially when you have had a rough time getting there but now enjoy your holiday, come back, then plan the next one!!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Congratulations Codfish!! Well it’s a rollercoaster ride with these cancer treatments.. have a beautiful relaxing holiday and enjoy the moment GrinningTwo hearts

  • Fantastic news!  Have a fabulous holiday x

  • Great news Coddfish. I’ve just had a clear scan after 6 months’ Immuno. I agree the difficult part is making sense of it all! I’m running including a marathon back in March. Also about to go on hols. Let’s not overthink it and make the most of no cancer while we can.

  • Still awaiting PD L biopsy result to see if immunotherapy next on the list for me.  2 months on tenterhooks since biopsy, oncologist tells me it’s complicated…ha incompetent I’d say!

    Great news to hear that it’s achieving great results and you’re living life to the full x

  • Hi Ochno, The waiting is always the worst thing and the biopsy results tend to take longer than scan results etc. hang on in there!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • PD L finally came back negative.  A full house of negativity along with mTNBC, I wasn’t too surprised.  Scan in a fortnight to see if Gemcarbo working.  I’m hoping so, managing to tolerate it.  I’m anemic and liver results high but liver seem to improve greatly on my week off.  

  • Sorry to hear immunotherapy is not an option for you. Hope the gemcarbo is working for you.