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A few weeks ago I started getting pain in my left humerus and rib area, then the pain around the base of my spine returned,  i know i have a tumour at the base of my spine but not anything about my left humerus or ribs and they wont do any investigations at this stage, theyll just preaume the cancer as progressed,  I ended up having my Zomorph upped from 20mg twice a day to 30mg twice a day then 3 weeks later the pain in my right humerus and shoulder ,where I know for definite there's tumours, started hurting again , to the point I was topping up on oramorph quite regularly,  the GP rang last night to tell me I'm unfortunately only going to get worse at this point and they want to keep one step ahead at all times with the pain, so now I'm on 40mg of Zomorph twice a day along side of 6mg diazepan, they want me to keep a chart of how many top ups a day that I need for the oramorph so they can work out how much to increase the Zomorph should it need increasing again .

I was a bit shocked by her words of it was only going to get worse from this stage  on , but until I d taken the 40mg of Zomorph twice a day that I'd realised how poorly with pain I'd actually been in because today I've felt great,  not groggy,  not grumpy and more alive than I've felt in months,  I can only.hope it stays this way for a while before needing an increase. 

Now if anyone as any ideas to relieve constipation caused by the morphine,  I'd be very grateful , I currently take stool softners senna and laxido,  but still either struggle to go or it comes out in very huge hard lumps 

  • Hi  Nala66, It's nice to hear from you again and good to hear your pain is under control and you feel good. your Dr saying things are going to get worse, does not mean you won't have stable periods or that you won't get worse slowly. As for your constipation, I see you take plenty of meds so maybe diet, eating fresh fruit, veg, cereal and fibre, drinking 3-4 cups of water daily and a little exercise will help. bst wishes.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi  

    Glad to hear that the GP is being proactive with regard to your pain and that you are feeling a bit better as a result. I had awful constipation when I was on chemo. I tried glycerine suppositories and they helped a bit.

    Are you taking the highest dose of stool softeners per day?Have a look at the leaflet with the medication or speak to the GP. I didn't realise at the time that I could have upped them and that would have helped me a lot. I was also advised to take them with a large glass of water. Keeping your fluids up is also helpful for constipation. Prune juice is also good. Hope this helps and you get some relief.

    A x

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  • Thank you for your reply I drink plenty as I'm also on diuretics and I'm diabetic plus I use a oxygen mask almost constantly so those combinations dry my mouth out .

    I eat lots of vegetables and fruit, although due to being diabetic I'm a little limited to how much fruit i can eat as it increases my sugar levels causing me to drink even more, especially over night. 

    I did try an increased dose of the stool softners but they gave me horrendous stomach cramps and terrible dirreaha  ( probably spelt wrong) .

    I've yet to try prune juice as I'm not sure I even like it,  but its trying to find a balance so I'm not constipated for days on end then end up with the runs for days on end instead .

    I think the doctor said what she said because its been twice now over a short period of time that she's had to increase my pain meds , 

  • I've tried a higher dose of stool softners but then gave me horrible stomach cramps and the runs , I drink plenty due to being diabetic and using a oxygen mask , plus some other tablets I take also dry my mouth out , fruit I'm.a little limited to, due to the natural sugar content which increases my sugar levels and causes me to drink more and be kept awake at night drinking .

    I've yet to try prune juice as I'm.not sure I like it and its rather expensive to buy to throw away. 

    I have those suppositories which kinda work at times 

  • Sorry I wasn't able to help, I often get constipated and can't go for 3 or 4 days, have had to go to A+E to get sorted so have some idea what you are going through, the only other thing i do which helps me is a cup of warm molasses every other day, I hope the prune juice helps or your doctor can, take care.


  • Hi Nala66, I'm sorry you are having problems. I am also on high doses of pain meds and suffer on and off with constipation. I drink water constantly because my mouth gets so dry, my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth! Laxido etc doesn't seem to work for me, I take Prunes (in Grape juice from Asda) in my cereal every morning and have fruit in the afternoon and evening. This may not be alright for you to take being diabetic but I take liquorice all sorts or some chocolate and that usually works. Normally I don't eat chocolate but find it a good laxative! You can get diabetic chocolate but I don't know if that will work. Good luck and welcome back!

    Love Annette x

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  • My mouth also gets that dry, I try a sip of fluid and it just comes straight back out of my mouth as it's that dry , it's very frustrating. 

    I have brought some dried prunes and some prune juice , yet to try tho ,

    I'm trying full fat milk at the moment as I usually react to that so I had a bowl of cereal and if it doesn't work then the prunes I will try, chocolate as no effect on me not even diabetic chocolate or liquorice. 

    Senna is a hit and miss same as laxido but not sure what to try if the prunes done work , I've got suppositories but they only sort of work if there is stuff in the bowle which isnt pleasant to insert if that's the case .

  • Hi Nala66

    I too have constipation sometimes.

    I like prunes, and can eat them happily....but for many people, they are better if mixed in with something, like porridge, breakfast cereal etc. What is surprising is how good they are added to savoury foods! 

    Middle Eastern cookery, in particular, uses prunes and apricots in meat tagines (casseroles). They go well with beef stew (I understand....I don't eat meat though).

    Have a look on the internet and there'll be lots of recipes.

    I have to say though that onions and leeks also have a laxative effect on me!  And are easier to include in your diet.

    Hope you find some relief soon.



  • Hi Nala Have you asked your Team about what to use for constipation, they may have some ideas that have worked for other people. It is a horrible feeling, I hope you find something that works for you!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi, yes I've asked my team and they only suggest senna, ducusate or a suppository or which I've tried , I've even asked the carers , so now we are looking into food or drink that usually goes thru me to see if that helps , it's a bit hit and miss to be honest as I also suffer IBS and a food that can make me go one day, might not make me go another time , pizza used to make me go, it no longer does , we have brought prunes and prune juice , they will be the next to try