Discussing Fenbendazole With Oncologist

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I expect for at least some of us in the last chance saloon, plus some of our loved ones perhaps, we have considered alternative treatments when conventional medicine is saying 'no more we can do pal'.

I am probably at the more skeptical end when it comes to considering alternatives and that includes the 'Joe Tippens Protocol' i.e. Fenbendazole. However Joe makes great claims not just for his own recovery using this drug but for "thousands" of others who claim they have been cured of advanced cancer when conventional treatments have run out.

Has anyone here considered this drug or discussed it with their oncologist? I'm considering asking about it at my next oncology appointment although I'm not sure how to approach it as I expect any health professional will feel obliged to dissuade due to a lack of clinical trials in humans.

Still, I would be interested in knowing if oncologists are seeing a rise in unexpected survival rates that could be attributed to something like Fenbendazole although I expect it's a somewhat muddy picture given other factors such as the use of trial drugs etc. 


  • Hi i cannot really answer this, though i see where, you are coming from..

    I will read about the Drug later, and i hope, others might have done, and can give their opion.

    I am not yet at that stage, though thinking, if i was what would i do..

    For me, i always believe in the word HOPE., though on the other side of it, yes there is hope, trying another type, of treatment, though again can be false hope.

     All these treatments' take, time ,energy, and i would want to enjoy what time, i may have left, with my nearest and dearest.

    I have told my children, when i say, i cannot do this anymore, that is my descion, no one truly knows, how all these t treatments. effect the person., so when is enough enough,  because it takes over ones life, so really, you live from one appointment to another..

    Just my thoughts Mike, though i will google and read about it.

  • I have been reading about it..

    Yes he started taking it, but was also put on a trial of KEYTRUDA , which was licensed by Nice here.

    I was offered it, and accepted it, i finished treatment of it in 2018.

    I asked my Onc;ogist what was in it, her reply, when you have chemo i am posing you as such., with Keytruda, it is to get your own body, to recognize you have cancer, and fight it, so it jumps. starts your own immune system., and that fights the cancer..

    Do not get me wrong, does not work for everyone, i finished treatment of it, in 2018.

    So my thoughts are how does he say it was Fenbendazole, worked when he was also on Keytruda.

    Though ask your Oncologist, and i await for his answer, i do wish you all the best will the response.

  • Thank you Ellie and thanks for taking a look/ reading about it. 

    I had similar thoughts about the keytruda he was getting. He says he is the only survivor of over a thousand on that trial so keytruda didn't work for others taking part apparently. Major ethical concerns as well as the trial outcomes had to be scrapped due to him not informing staff (as I understand it).

    I would expect my oncologist to tell me about any magic bullets but there's also the 'what if' at the back of my mind and the number of anecdotes that appear to exist about this well, I would expect results to be filtering through somehow.

    I don't want to waste time on miracle cures pushed by charlatans or misguided people and I don't know if this person falls into either of these categories.


  •  i would want proof .Unless their was or is   evinced regarding the  Keytruda,. And the other 1000 people.

    Keytruda and other immunotherapy's, are now used for lots  of different cancers, and quiet a few people on the site are on them, as i said does not work for everyone, for me it did.

    Though if it is just his word, that would not be good enough for me,  i would need proof, my oncologist  had loads of people on it, though i was her first.

    I hope your Oncologist has a better answer for you, though i do have negative thoughts on it.

  • Hi Mikel, I had heard of this 'wonder' drug and also a few others, over the years,  from friends in Canada. So like Ellie, my first instinct was to read about it myself and the person promoting it. 
    The thing that struck me was that although they said it was licensed in US it is only licensed for animals, especially dogs. It has not been tested in humans. The next thing that stuck out for me was it said ''do not give to a sick animal'' So why would a sick human take it!

    I had no options for treatment as Radiotherapy nor Chemo work for my type of cancer. I was given 5-7 months as I was Stage4. I told my oncologist I would try anything if she could find something that might give me a bit longer. So, long story short, a few months later I started a Trial Drug. I came off it after 3yrs 5 months in October 2016! We decided to watch and wait and at that same time Immunotherapy Drugs were being Trialed, so that was my next 'go to' drug to try. So far, I haven't needed it yet and when/if I do, it is now licensed.

    i do believe Joe got better because of Keytruda because it has now been tried and tested. Cancer Research UK spend millions developing and testing drugs and I believe IF the drug did help cure cancer, they would have, or someone else, would have, looked into it for humans. I believe in HOPE and trying to be positive. Not all drugs work for everyone! Please discuss this with your Oncologist before doing anything and please report back and let us know what decision you come to! Take care.

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks Annette. It's likely I will chicken out and speak to the clinical nurse about it instead.


  • Nooooo!  Ask the consultant for an informed medical opinion - it's what they're there for!  I assure you - most like being questionned because it makes the job interesting, aka interesting people thinking about things.  

  • Oh Mikel, Please as Mumm said too Ask the Consultant. The nurses are great but I'm sure will not be able to help with something like this. That is why your consultant is there! I can ask mine anything. It is the was you get to know one another!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • I spoke to my oncologist about fenbendazole yesterday and was advised not to use it. No surprise there.

    Although I didn't want to go down rabbit holes I'm now looking at Tom Seyfried's work on metabolic therapy.

    Regardless of whether or not there are benefits to these alternatives I find their existence quite fascinating. 

  • So glad you spoke to your Oncologist,

    I will read on the nezt one you are going to read about just got home need a drink and crusty roll. x