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Hi, I’m struggling to drink. Did use a straw but pushed liquid out of my nose. Dietician said straw too forceful. She’s right because I was trying to get the drink down. I’ve been put on some drops to help but this is only the 5th time of using.(4 times a day) 

I have also lost my voice and I’m using paper and pencil.

Anyone else experienced this? Oh, how I fancy a nice cold drink.

  • Oh Mags you are going threw it, i have never had this problem

    What about like a syringe, that you use for medicine or one that is used in cooking, to draw  liquids into, i cannot t think of any thing else, that is what i would be trying, xxx

  • suck an ice lolly that may help xx

  • Hi Mags, I'm so sorry to read this as we all know how important it is to drink plenty, especially in this hot weather!

    Actually before I read the replies, I thought of the serine I take Oramorph with. Also a really tasty ice lolly like the new Magnum with coconut and mango, they will give you a nice taste in your mouth.

    I get so thirsty and dry, my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth and I suck ice cubes! Sometimes I dilute Ribena Blackcurrant and pour it into an ice cube tray then put it in the freezer! I'm sure others will have more suggestions! Good luck!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thank you Ellie.

    It might be improving with some drops I’ve been given. I do hope so.


  • Hi Annette,

    Yes, I have the dry tongue too. Do you know if that is a chemo side effect. Oh, how I wish to gulp a drink down!

    Thank you re Magnum. I will try.

    My daughter got some mint leaves and it’s not as unpleasant tasting as the other drinks. I do think the drops have helped as I’ve managed two small glasses today.

    Many thanks for your suggestions


  • Hi Mags, As chemo doesn't work for my cancer, the dryness in my mouth, especially my tongue is caused by the drugs I take! 
    I am pleased something has at last seemed to work. Two small glasses now, one large glass soon I hope!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Mags, just read your thread, it always amazes me what you ladies have to go through and so creative of ways around the problems, I hope the drops work well for you.

  • Thank you Ulls xx

  • Hi Mags, how are you doing on the drinks front.  I hope the ice lolly and flavored ice cubes that Annette suggested are working as well as your drops. My heart goes our yo anyone who has difficulty swallowing especially in this hot weather. How did uou feel after the chemo xx