They want to see me face to face. Should I be worried?

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Usually I get text reminders  for a phone appointment with my Oncologist  (pac)

But have just had a text to say I have to go in to 'meet with the team' for a face to face appointment. 

I'm due the latest scan results. Eek. It's bad news isn't it?  I think they'll tell me theres progression and that they're no longer going to treat me.

What is your experience with this kind of thing? (don't sugar coat it)

  • I know people on here who have attended a face to face only to be told there is no news!

    My last phone call a couple of weeks ago told me my figures had shown progression, she didn't seem bothered

    Of course I am only surmising but they have all got their own way of doing things.

    I am currently on a paused treatment, she told me that over the phone whereas I thought a face to face would have been appropriate.

    Of course you are going to be worried when awaiting scan results anyway, we all feel like that.

    Let's see what they are going to say before you write yourself off. So, hoping for good news for you. X

  •  Not really when was the last time you see your oncologist, i had  face to face, as had not seen her for quiet a while, just to see how i was doing.

  • Hi  

    Could it be they want to suggest a new treatment. I think if there was no more they could do, you wouldn't need to be meeting a team. Maybe your current treatment has worked well and they need to discuss the next steps with you, maybe there are options you need to choose. Let us know how you get on. Positive vibes.

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  • This is my worry.

    There was a bit of progression at the last scan and the side efects from immunotherapy keeps pausing treatment.  So I think it's either going to be to tell me they're stopping immunotherapy,  or that there's further progression and it's a case of " Bye by Harebelle, now **** off and d**

    Sorry... but my imagination is in overdrive Disappointed

  • My treatment was paused because of side effects but they have a plan for when it all goes pearshaped, same as you I am sure.

    They certainly won't be using such bad language, they rely on their patients for boxes of chocs in gratitude.

    Everyone says don't worry but everyone does. It's completely understandable.

    I'm a nervous wreck when my three months bloods comes around, you would look the epitome of calm compared to me! 

  •   I have a face to face appointment next month, the first since covid ! I think they are just trying to get back to doing more face to face appointments now. I hope I’m right x 


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  • The bad language was tongue in cheek Wink