Breakfast in Benidorm, Supper in Hospital

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Hi EVERYONE, Well, we had to get an earlier flight home because I was feeling terrible about theSaturday night of our second week! I stayed in bed Sunday but bey Monday, I just wanted to go home! We tried to get a flight for the Monday but the first direct flight from Alicante to Glasgow was Thursday!

We got home about 7ish from the airport and at 8pm, I was on phone to NHS24. After holding on for 50 mins I got through to a person enjoying asked loads of questions.  After about an hour or more, they said someone from Out of Hours Service would call. Another hour went by, OOH phoned back saying to go to A&E. I felt as if I had just wasted two and a half hours.

Our son took me and when we walked in, it looked like someone had advertised they were giving away £50 notes! Busy or what!

Got there just before 11pm, finally saw doctor at ;07.30. The triage nurse got files mixed up seemingly! Got to ward 20.15. Had supper in hospital

Friday, Saturday Sunday they were trying to get pain under control. My left leg was so swollen I couldn't get anything to put on my feet, they were so swollen. From my hip to my toes were swollen, red, burning, extremely paianful. There were 4 in the ward The patients and staff were terrific!

Sunday night transferred to different ward!, in the older part of the hospital, it is a madhouse!! Very noisy ward, phones constantly ringing buzzers constantly buzzing at night people shouting, nurses shouting down the length of the ward which is very large but separated into smaller groups but the centre goes from one end to other! I have to get an ultrasound (I hope today) looking for DVT. If that show's nothing they will do a full body scan, either MRI or PET scan of whole body to check for cancer! I don't know when that will be though. Just have to wait and see. No point in worrying! I don't do what ifs!! Will keep in touch! Love to all!

  • Well Annette will not ask if you had a good holiday, i knew you was comings home did inform me.

    I am so sorry to hear this, as you say you are in the right place, we no  we are.

    Hopefully get an ultrasound today and will know a bit more, We must be old school lol, No point in worrying, that is what i say, cannot change what will be will be, though i do not like to here you are in hospital.

    Thinking of you, Love Ellie xxx

  • Hi Ellie, In actual fact until the end of the second week, we did have a lovely holiday! Before I felt unwell that was. It was great to see a blue sky most mornings and if not in the morning, it came through in the afternoon. The nights were also longer!

    So far today, I haven't been for the Ultrasound but the nurse did say yesterday it could be anytime up to midnight! Or even from 06.00 to 08.30 in the morning. So we'll see.

    The latest news is my husband now has Covid and is in bed and can't visit! I don't know where he caught it but he hasn't been in this Ward since I moved here yesterday. He was meant to come up last night but he said in the afternoon he wasn't feeling well. I told him to stay at home last night as he had been up in the afternoon ( in the other Ward).so he hasn't even been in this ward yet! Maybe just as well!
    I've told my daughter and son to stay away. Our Granddaughter's birthday is on Wednesday & she's going bowling with her friends on Saturday and I don't want to spoil that. Paul, our son, said no way is he leaving me abandoned in this madhouse. He said you could catch it anywhere because these days you don't even have to self isolate neither do the rest of the family. But we will see, I may yet persuade him! I've told my sisters also to stay away, I would feel really bad if they got unwell because of me!

    So there you have it!

    I hope this finds you all as well as possible!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Well your in the right place, it is freezing freezing, you did say when you informed me your leg and  foot was swollen, you have to get it sorted, and i am sure they will, and then you will know either way.

    Never a dull moment is there, keeps us all on our toes, though not for you at the moment, so no going out dancing, just yet.

    Thinking of you, keep us updated.

    Love Ellie xxx

  • Ellie, I wouldn't be going dancing but we had a flurry of snow earlier, so maybe I could go sledging! Ballet dancing is definitely not on the cards!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • More like belly dancing here lol

  • Do you mean UR doing the belly dancing? Or looking for volunteers? Definitely not me, mine is black & blue due to blood thinning injections! Get the picture? Yuk!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • LOL I Know about them i did for 6 months in belly after heart attack lol got the picture mine was like that as well. then got hard lumps, where kept doing it.

    Never done belly dancing cannot be hard surely. lol

  • Might be able to get some volunteers, though not sure

  • I'm sorry Annette Ive only just seen this. Of course I know you were coming home early so as not to be stuck in a Spanish hospital.

    So that plan has worked, you are in hospital and even if not getting visits you know everyone is close.

    Everyone here is thinking of you, can't wait to hear some good news from you soon. Xx

  • Hi Annette

    Hope Hope your night, was not to bad, Hopefully today, some thing may be done, and you will find out what is going on. Also hubby does not suffer to much with the Covid, could have picked up on plane, coming home.

    Am thinking of you.

    Love Ellie xx