Sorry Dumb question How often/ quickly/ grows does cancer keep coming back

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I know this might seem like an odd question but just mulling things through my head as you do after a phone call with the oncologist. I know I am on a fine line as have numerous sites being 2 in neck,2  liver 2 lung 1 unspecified or non sized in other lung , this must be the good one lol. What I remember him saying was it usually comes back again after 6 months and then need treatment again , I have had my scan back and both liver tumours have shrunk and one in lung and the others have stop growing which is great for the time being. I just want people opinons as I have read different things and it helps get a handle on the future. Many Thanks just speak your mind you won't upset me . I know I might be going to the party early and am ok with that . All the Best Minmax  

  • HI Minmax

    Not really sure how to answer this thread, food for thought.

    Think it all depends on what type of Cancer, i finished treatment in 2018 and  slight growth in 2021,so for me  longer that six months and as yet treatment free, but i never say never and always know it will be back, when who knows.

    Though your thread made me think.

  • Hi Ellie I know we are all different and it's  like asking how long is a piece of string . I have a customer who's friend had been given 2 weeks to live and fully recovered so nothing is really off the table and we can just live in hope. Well dont over think it Ellie we are all going  to the same party but some of us might be going earlier . All the Best Minmax  

  • I will have a large one when i get there then.

  • Hi Minmax

    I have been wondering the same thing! My cancer, renal clear cell, is slow-growing....but will it be slow-growing if and when it starts again, or will it go bonkers and grow quickly? Will it be the original tumours that grow again, or new ones?

    There are so many weird questions that pop into my mind, none of which I'll probably ever get an answer to!

    My oncologist is very nice, but doesn't give much away when I speak to him. I did ask him a few more questions the last time I spoke to him, and he did answer them, but only briefly. He evidently writes to my GP after I have had a phone consultation with him, but I never get sent a copy. The only written stuff I receive is the letters with appointment times on. I suppose I could ask my GP to print off anything that comes through from oncology. We don't have the NHS app in Scotland, as far as I know.

    I have decided, for me, that 'ignorance is bliss' I'm not having any treatment, and just get scans every 3 months, the cancer isn't at the forefront of my thoughts, most of the time.

    There is so much uncertainty in this cancer experience!

    The most important thing for you is that you've had positive news from the recent scan. Long may that continue! I don't know if anyone will be able to give you more specific answers to your questions.

    Don't send back your party RSVP just yet....



  • No odd questions here, I think at we all at some time ponder these things.  I go to oncology with a written list, I’m lucky in that she does explain anything I ask.  Some questions I don’t want the answers to and she’s fine with that too.  I’m at the stage that sometimes ignorance is bliss and I deliberately bury my head in the sand.  Just started on Gem Carbo, 2nd infusion tomorrow.  Awaiting PD L result so might start immunotherapy soon if positive.  Now that does scare me so deliberately ignoring too much research into that one.

  • Hi Ochno Yes I know how you feel I suppose we all do about getting results etc , I was told everything was ok and then told I had multiple tumours which was a kick in the nuts , but suppose its as you say about bliss etc , I have only heard good things about immunotherapy and that it can be  for 2 years . I am thinking that's 2 years regardless . Your going to tell me something different now I suppose lol 

  • Hi again Minmax and Ochno

    Yes, I've understood that immunotherapy is funded for 2 years, yet there are people who post on here who have been on it a LOT longer, and I presume the NHS continue to fund it.

    I was on it a year, then stopped because of adverse immune system problems. I'd still rather have it than chemo though....I didn't feel unwell at all on immunotherapy, but most people report side effects such as nausea and fatigue from Chemo.

    I suppose these drugs need to be powerful to combat the cancer cells, so it's something we have to tolerate, in order to feel better in the long run.

    Lets hope we all have a long run!!


  • Hi Minmax, never!   My wee head is firmly in the sand.  I read the manufacturer’s patient info, decided that was too scary reading, then jumped to the MacMillan site which makes for a more positive read…phew!    I think if I read everything my wee Scottish head would be mince!  ’

  • Hi Candysmum I am on Carboplatin now which hasn't been to bad along with the pump Fu something , last dose in 3 weeks , Thanks God , I have had Cisplatin and with the RT knocked the stuffing out of me or it might have been more to do with the lack of white blood cell count, But in general I would say I have had worse hangovers so keep that in mind . Fingers crossed for everyone  

  • That’s how I’d describe after effects of chemo too.   Hangover but without the fun bit!   Similar to hangover too as I’m getting the hungry hangover symptoms too…give me carbs and now!