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Lovely Morning Chit-Chat-Thread - June 2024

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New month, new thread - as requested by  


Daily Life chit chat for bloods, scans, appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV - whatever your day has in store for you. That is daily life!

Even having a laugh, that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic please start a new thread so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

Hope this is to everyone's approval.


  • Morning everyone, cool dry day here with maybe sunshine later, All family and Sheila busy today, so a friend is taking me to her favourite pub in the Peak district, hopefully stopping the night. Hope you all have  good day, and can someone please share the Bill & Ben story,

    Eddie xx

  • Thank you very much, have lost all my e mail accounts, and struggling at moment,So thanks for doing that, Ellie

  • Morning Every One.

    Here we go again another month, flaming June, so they call it, well lets wait and see.

    .I  am not out today, was yesterday, though out tomorrow.

    Just broke a glass, what a mess it makes, good start washing on, and daughter coming round, with a new medication, so excited, i think not.

    Have a good day to you all.

  • Morning everyone! Not sure on the weather.. I'm stuck in bed with a throat infection and penicillin and I'm staying here , hope you're all good n well and have a lovely weekend 


  • Hi Lee

    Sorry you have a throat infection.

    Well here that wind is freezing ,  , though  no rain, it is jumper weather

    Your in the right place, and tomorrow is a better day.

  • Hi Ellie, that's good to know I'm not missing out, wrap up! I feel like a poorly child so staying in bed


  • You want a little bit, of pampering, and why  not.

    Could be nice where you are, its not here.

    Hopefully tomorrow, you will fill a little brighter, once the medicine starts to work.

  • I've given the wife some instructions and I'll be pampered, hopefully I can go dog walk tomorrow 


  • Hello Lee, hope you feel better soon. Stay tucked up and look after yourself. Hope everyone else is doing ok and make the best as possible of the weekend. 

    love Alana xx

  • Hopefully yes you will. take  the dog,  for a walk..

    At least you have some one to pamper you, i have to pamper myself lol tried it does not work, need a little robot at times lol