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Hello Everyone,   Just thought I’d give you an update,when I was first diagnosed I was told I could have treatments A,B,C and D, welI I’m now on Plan D, for several months my PSA has been rising, and is now 27 I started at 25.1, after CT scans with and without dye, an anomaly was seen in my peritoneum which is a membrane which covers all of you main organs, part of that is called the Omentum which the area around the tummy button. 

Since then it has been confirmed that this is due to further metastatic spread and is the reason for my PSA going up.

The Hormone tablets have been stopped as they are no longer working so good by plan A,B,C,  Plan D is Docetaxel chemo plus 2 further tablets. The first session occurred this morning 9am till 12.30 pm. I'm having 6 cycles 3 weeks apart, the list of side effects makes two lists on an A4 sheet, some don't seem too bad but the others are dreadful.

 Still I’ll go with it on the hope it extends my life with a good quality, I’v been told i’m still an incurable so will just go along with it in the hope that some thing else will come along one day.

  • Oh Papa Bear, at least you have started treatment, onwards and upwards my friend, thats the way to go, Keep us updated, thoughts are with you and family. 

  •    I am sorry to hear your news. As you know they tell you about all possible side effects, it doesn’t mean you will experience them all, so I hope the side effects are minimal for you, and it isn’t as bad as you fear. X 


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  • Hi Ulls my best wishes to you and all your loved ones, from a fellow prostate warrior, We are all thinking of you at this time, a friend.


  •   my very best wishes as you go forward with your new treatment which I'm sorry you are needing. I hope the side effects are few and minor. You and Julie will be in my thoughts x

  • Wishing you all the best.   I like the new avatar.  Had to zoom in, to check it out!  

  • I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support Cupid Cupid Cupid Cupid BearInnocent

  • As i am sure you would say, it's what we do and it's what you have been doing for everyone for as long as i have known you take care.


  • Hi Ulls, Well I am so pleased they had a plan D! I agree with Chelle that they always tell you all the possible side effects, just as a surgeon will tell you the worst case scenario, I do hope that if you have any side effects, they will be small ones that don't interfere with your treatment or your life.

    i hope Julie and you will plan to do something special the weeks in between treatments.

    They are developing new drugs all the time and your treatment gives you the time you need to be here when they find it! You deserve it! Onward and Upward. Thank you so much for the update!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Ulls

    Stay strong! You've persevered through plans A B and C, now you can follow plan D as an expert!

    Hope the treatment is kind to you going forward.



  • Hi ulls. Sending you best wishes  stay strong you got this you . You can get through anything as you already have . Big virtual hug been sent your way x