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Hi all,

Just finished a long 4 month battle with my pension providers to cash out my plans due to having incurable/terminal cancer.

Still got mortgage and bills to pay and don't qualify for any benefits so need the money to live a bit whilst still here.

You would think as it's a standard procedure it would be easy but it's been a nightmare I have several pots of pensions ( moved around a lot) but most provided by two of the big providers.

I had 4 plans with one provider and they all wanted individual forms filled out and completed by the hospital my oncologist was geat but they they wanted verbal proof x4 the Dr had completed it and getting hold of a busy Dr in hospital not easy.

Just wanted to put that out there anyone had good bad experiences of it?

Disclaimer Standard Life  amazing one phone call one page filled in by GP and money in bank within 2 weeks .

Have a good day out there ( going for a suntan as cold to the bone here )