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I was keeping well when I was told my cancer was terminal and declined the offer of chemo. 

I was fully expecting to start chemo again at my 3 month check but was my scan showed good news, the cancer was slow growing and did not require any chemo to control it at present.

I was extatic that I would have more time. However, shortly after I became tired, breathless and had a supra ventricular tachycardia. I haven't been right since, waiting for cardio appointment has been the worst. I felt I could fight with the cancer but not much I can do if my heart gives up..



  • Hi Kirsty though i know your not new to the community if this is your first post to the forum then welcome, though sorry you have to be here. like you i am fighting terminal cancer and heart conditions and hope your cadio appointment is sorted soon, and you find the help and support i i found, from the wonderful people on the forum, helps you too, it's good to hear your cancer is slow growing and treatment can be put back, everyone is in the same boat here, so please feel free to ask us anything, we are here to help you like we do each other, take care.


  • Thank you Eddie. 

    Can I ask what your cardiac issue is please. 

    How do you cope? 


  • Hi Eddie, can I ask what your cardiac issue is please. 

    How do you cope? 


  • Hi Kirsty, sorry i took so long. I have ischemic heart disease, aortic expansion, angina, arrhythmia and branch blocks, I cope surprisingly well, sure i am limited and have to be careful but manage day to day things ok. I see my cardiologist every year at least once for a full MOT and the only meds i take is bisoprolol 5mg once a day. to keep my blood pressure low, "which it always has been" and to control arrhythmia - tachycardia. take care.


  • Thanks Eddie, 

    That's a lot going on! 

    I suppose it's about pacing yourself and getting the most out of the things we can do. 

    I go to a vascular clinic due to vascular disease. 

    Hopefully it won't be to long b4 I get appointment with a cardiologist. I was given low dose, 125 of bisoprolol but I seem to be sensitive to it and now on 50 of metoprolol. 

    I'll just have to wait n c if that works out. 

    Have a gr8 day and take care.


  • Hi Kirsty, you will get to understand your heart and when you can do a little more or have to slow down, my heart is a little weird in that it performs better when exercised and if i am being lazy it lets me know, PS  ACHD clinic for me and my cardiologist is fab, hope yours is too, take care.


  • Hi Kirsty That is great news . Stay strong it's amazing what they can do nowadays.  I have been told I had a heart attack and had a stent fitted treated for cancer then ill and told nothing wrong , then told I had heart failure and needed cardio version which I didn't , then had  ablation , Throw into that I needed major surgery of a neck dissection and my heart would have been to weak to even have an operation. I have since been told I didn't have a heart attack and that my heart would be ok , I have felt great unfortunately the cancer has returned with a vengeance going from my neck to  liver and lungs. Dont lose heart I would get up in the morning go for a walk and want to sleep. I also felt lousy and would feel queasy in the mornings . I blacked out from it also and would have problems standing up this was all down to AF atrial Fibrillation which is an irregular heart beat , This basically stopped the blood pumping around my body which is called the EF ejection Fraction  . Most peoples fraction is 45 to 55 mine was less than 30 which isn't good. Go buy yourself a blood pressure tester which will confirm what's going on etc.  They really can do amazing things nowadays so take it easy you have a cancer that isn't growing which is amazing . They can and will fix your heart. All the Best Regards Minmax    

  • Thank you Munmax,

    I always feel so ashamed when I hear others offering such encouragement and sounding full of joy. 

    Here I am moaning about being down in the dumps. 

    I know I'm blessed, I'm usually so positive but there are days when I just wonder what next. 

    It sounds like you have had a lot of misdiagnosis. Take the very best care


  •  Hey Kirsty You will have to get in the queue and wait your turn like the rest of us to moan lol . You are not alone I can tell you . I had to speak to a customer yesterday who thought I had been ill as refused to work for them a few times. Omg explaining the whole ordeal was choking and nearly made me burst out in tears. I said to her I am not normally like that and we laughed and hugged  she asked if I minded if she said a prayer for me there and then , Which was quite moving I tell you. I suppose it's quite easy for things to get bottled up and emotional like telling a few mates you have incurable cancer. I have had plenty of counselling for my partner of 30 years leaving and cancer also but not for incurable cancer.  Maybe I should look into that lol. Yes misdiagnosed but at least I am getting treatment so no complaints here I can assure you. All the Best Minmax