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Hi Everyone, As most people here know, my husband and I love having Short Breaks and Holidays, it's what keeps us going. We like home or abroad.

This year we would like to go again to one of the Christmas Markets. The ones we have been to so far are; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Aviemore, York, Manchester, Berlin, Madrid and Munich. 
We wanted to know if anyone could recommend where we could go this year. We don't mind if it is Home or Abroad. We would be going for 3 or 4 nights, so don't want to spend too long travelling. For instance we would love to go to Brugge but there are no winter flights from Glasgow or Edinburgh so we would have to take two flights!

Anyone got any ideas, we'd love to hear them!

  • Hi Annette, Birmingham authentic German Christmas market, mid November to Christmas eve and Bath Christmas market November 28 to December i5 both very nice and 2 hours in car between them. Never  been but friends who have say Vienna Christmas markets are amazing, huge and expensive, though as they do different markets make sure you go to the big one


  • Thanks Eddie, Actually we looked at Vienna but the flight is too long for me. I struggle with anything over about 3 hours!

    Have you been to either Birmingham or Bath? We would only go to one?

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Annette , go to Nuremberg Germany,i did live there for about 18 years. It's very glamorous and homy at the same time. The lights are just amazing and it is in the middle of town center, so a lot of shopping and eating near by.  

  • Hi Annette been to both though not for 7 years. I have a couple of friends live in Bath, i will talk to them, I think Birmingham council is bankrupt and doing lots of cutbacks so maybe affect the market, take care.

    Eddie xx

  • Hi  

    We went to London just before Christmas. There was a Christmas market at Trafalgar Square. There used to be one on the river bank at Westminster that was always great and very busy but it was poor last year, just a few food stalls. London might be a bit hectic on crutches for you though. I found it to be a bit of pale reflection post COVID. Sorry this is more a ramble than a recommendation.

    A x

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  • I'm considering a Christmas Market too!  Would be first time for us.  Nuremberg is rated as one of the best and to get there for us it's a direct flight from Edinburgh to Munich ( easyJet), then the train to Munich train station (40 mins) then a train to Nuremberg (1 hour).  Will be watching this thread for more ideas! 

  • Hi  we are doing a Christmas market cruise this year. We are going to Bruges and Rotterdam.  As  has said Bath has a lovely Christmas market, as does Winchester. York is also a beautiful place to visit at Christmas. So much choice, I hope you can decide x 


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  • Hi

    We did Birmingham in 2023 and it was very disappointing compared to Edinburgh, which we enjoyed very much. I bought no gifts and just a packet of nuts.

    Krakow is supposed to be good, is that too far?

    The cruises sound wonderful!

    best of luck


  • Hi talked to friends in Bath, the town not where i go for a soak, Market is jut as good, though have heard Lincoln market has ben cancelled,

    Eddie xx

  • Hi Everyone who has taken part in this thread.

    We will be exploring ALL suggestions thanks! 
    A lot of the problem is the travelling for me with crutches and wheelchair but because of Lymphodema about just over 3 hours on a flight is about all I can do. When I was told it was best not to fly, we went by train then ferry to Amsterdam and also train to Southampton to pick up Cruises which takes about 6 hours, but the difference is I can get up and walk around on a train.

    Thanks for all your ideas. The place I would recommend is Berlin. The lights are amazing, the markets great but it was freezing. Suppose we can't have it all!

    Love Annette x

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