Going on an adventure

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Good morning all hope you are keeping well.

5 hours sleep according to Fitbit but actually think it's more because I fell asleep early on watching TV. Which annoys me as I'll have to watch the episode of Trigger Point again. Do it every time!!

We're going on an adventure today, a trip to Durham and first time there. Looking forward to that, I do so love old, historical towns and cities. Just hope my chemo fatigue allows me to at least explore at little. Should all else fail I'll plonk my backside somewhere nice and eat yummy food instead Smiley Hoping for a trip to the coast, it will be brrrrrrrrrrrrr I know but will take it as I find it, seaside fish and chips is a must right? Food!!! Story of my life huh!

Whatever you may be doing enjoy. 

  • Morning Thea , great news a trip to Durham lovely place and really nice people, went to Uni there many years ago so have a soft spot for the place, have a wonderful time.


  • I've only been to Durham once, on a day trip from Donnie or Darlington about 25 years ago!  I was well impressed by the old stone buildings and ambience of the place.  

  • Mmum, Donnie, "Doncaster", I know well, 120mls to Durham. Darlington 15mls does that help,


  • Hi Marie,  we've never been to Durham but coincidentally we are going there in June. We have hired a cottage for a week and are looking forward to visiting The Beamish Museum again but we didn't stay in Durham that time! So was it today (Monday) you went? If so I hope you had a lovely time! 
    I love visiting the seaside at any time of the year! My husband loves the fish & chips but I have to have a nice cream, no matter the weather!

    We are off to Spain next Tuesday 20th, so that'll be the first adventure of many this year! You have to get away whenever you can as it makes you feel better!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi. Never been to Durham but my wife and I have discovered mystery trial books. They tend to feature our older towns and cities. There is a mystery to solve using clues on buildings etc. as well as historical facts. Oh, and they typically end in a pub! They tend to take you off the tourist trail a little bit and we’ve seen bits of places unknown to us previously. Think our next one is Stratford-upon-Avon. You can complete them at your own pace over whatever time period you choose. 

    Have a great time.


  • It's a fab place, really loved it. Old buildings, cobbled streets, quaint back alleys, everything I love. Really enjoyed it. I did crash about 3 ish, chemo fatigue took me I'm afraid but in compensation I ate chips lol How lovely that you went to Uni here, that's ace. What did you do? 

    This morning we're heading to the coast, Seaham. Looking forward to that. Expecting it to be cold but will wrap up well. 

    Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing

  • yes, I'm impressed too, really enjoyed it. Today we're heading to the coast, Seaham, looking forward to that. There are other things we would have liked to do but just don't have the time. Next time huh!!

  • That's ace, you will love it, I loved it thank you for asking. Cobbled streets, old buildings, quaint back alleys, quirky shops, it's all good. Oooooh how lovely hiring a cottage. That will be amazing. I'm sad we couldn't make Beamish, we just don't have time this time. Yes, we came Monday and travelling back home later today. This morning we're heading to the coast and Seaham. Looking forward to it. I love the fish and chips too AND the ice cream, needs must. I'm expecting it to be cold, it was cold in Durham yesterday but we shall wrap up well. 

    Ahhhhh wow Spain!! Thats fab! I'm jealous. You're absolutely right getting away is a grand thing. Do what you can, when you can! 

  • Morning Marie, glad to hear you loved Durham and it doesn't seem to have changed Never been to Seaham though as it's a westerly wind today you should avoid a cold sea breeze, I did English history at Uni in Durham though i dropped out when i was offered my dram job, happy paddling.


  • oh this sounds like something I would love. Mystery trial books, I will google it. Love old towns and cities and love off the tourist trail too. It's good to see the main tourist attractions but it's also good to visit the unique places too. I love the fact that there is a mystery to solve too, that's great. Loved Stratford Upon Avon, beautiful place.  Enjoy that!! Durham was great, had a lovely time thank you asking. This morning, heading to the coast, Seaham, looking forward to that. Then, back home boooohooooo!