Where's the snow!

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Testing, testing 123! Here's hoping I'm posting in the right place this time.

Morning all and hope you are all keeping well. Was hoping to get up to a blanket of snow but alas no. I do so love watching the snow fall from my cosy couch but just heavy rain at present so it looks like another lazy day. Slept better last night, I have the odd good night but mostly I wake between 3 - 4 am every night. Twilight zone!!! Hate being awake in the early hours, such a lonely place to be. The GP provided me with sleeping tablets but still I woke up although I did go straight back to sleep for a change. The GP advised I can only have 14 days supply. What's the point of that? I just grin and bear it.

Hope you all enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.

  • Hi Marie T!

    My GP has finally prescribed sleeping tablets for me, after several discussions about my insomnia. I find it hard to drop off to sleep, sometimes still awake 5 hours after going to bed!

    I am on the lowest dose, but it has been enough to tip me over into sleep. Have only just started taking them, and don't want to become reliant on them either, just take them for long enough to break my non-sleep pattern. I have had one of the side-effects though....they leave a metallic taste in my mouth. Not unbearable, and at least I'm getting some sleep at last!

    Welcome to the group, by the way! This is my first post for ages, as I've been having a break. Hope you make many friends on here.

  • Hi Maria, we have had 6 hours of snow though all gone now. I had poor sleep for a couple of years getting 2 hours a night, did relaxation and sleep therapy now getting 6 hours a night, not allowed sleeping pills as heart does not like them I am with you on being awake in the middle of the night  not a time for happy thoughts, I think sleeping pills are restricted mainly because over use can be addictive I have been to hospice, do a little volunteering, also done some baking for tomorrows visit to Maggies. Maria if you go on the chit chat thread you would get more responses, Enjoy your lazy day.


  • Hello Candysmum, I don't know if have use of a computer but you can have relaxation therapy live by the therapist in your own home, it helped me out of a poor situation, take care.


  • Hurrah to no snow!  (East Scotland)

  • Hi Good for you Mmum.

    hi MarieT We have had snow here in the west of Scotland. Our bird bath has been frozen for over a week!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thank you for the welcome. I'm glad you have some help with your sleeping issues and that the sleeping tablets are helping you. Isn't it just awful when you don't sleep!!!! Really drags you down. So have you got the sleeping tablets for just 14 days and how do you feel about that? 

  • Wow 6 hours that's ace, I love it. But shame it's all gone now booohoo. I don't know this sleep therapy? Is this something you did through your GP? I'm glad to see it is helping you. 6 hours is much better than 2. You must of felt dreadful on 2 hours!! Yes, my GP said it was because of addiction with the sleeping tablets and the fact that there are withdrawals and potentially on coming off them you can sleep even worse than you did. It just makes it seem not worth while. Hope you enjoyed your volunteering and baking. that's fab. 

    I'm not getting this chit chat thread haha! I thought I was already on the chit chat thread. Deary me!!

  • Ha .. I'm guessing your a no snow person. But then I imagine you see enough in beautiful Scotland

  • Ahhhh that's ace. The snow, not your frozen bird bath!! Beautiful Scotland, from what I have seen it's gorgeous and I haven't seen enough. Hope I get to visit some more. You're certainly not short of snow there.

  • Morning Marie, lack of sleep wasn't nice especially the lying in bed at night and the places your thought take you.. I did relaxation therapy with Maggies, it's a group session but is also available live online at the same time. I also saw a hypnotherapist and a wellbeing course which was funded by Macmillan, The chit chat thread. Near the top of this page you will see, LIVING WITH INCURABLE CANNER FORUM-PATIENTS ONLY. click on, then scroll down the page you will see LOVELY MORNING CHIT CHAT THREAD FEBRUARY 2024. click on and thats it, take care.