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Hi, I'm new here and really sorry if I'm in the wrong place, I'm learning the ropes. Please let me know if needs be.

I've completed my profile but briefly, diagnosed November 2023 with radiotherapy induced Angiosarcoma, incurable, inoperable. I'm having Chemo, Paclitaxel but been advised that there is only a 20% chance it will shrink/stabilise the tumour. Although there has been some discussion there is some shrinkage, it is not determined as I haven't yet had a scan. I've had 9 rounds of Chemo up to now and I've another 4 to go this cycle. 

I'm here to chat to like minded people, I believe the best people who can truly sympathise/empathise are those that have suffered the same. Today is a lazy day for me, reading my book, watching TV, playing playstation and sleeping no doubt. Whatever you may be doing, enjoy!

  • Welcome Ms M T.

    you are right, if you are in our club we understand each other, no one else’s can.

    usually quite lively on here, we all moan and groan and indeed laugh a lot.

    you will get other club members along to help you along. X

  • Hi MarieT, and welcome to the incurabls incurabls club, like my Friend BP we have incurable prostate cancer, I'm sure someone will answer you how has the same problem.

    Also you can joine the chit chat thread for general gossip, All the best Ulls 

  • Hello MarieT Yes, you are in the rightplace, unfortunately. We are all incurable but treatable with different cancers. But all on the same journey. Together we laugh, moan and cry. Some even have poetic talents! We all get where each are at more than, sometimes, our families and friends as much as we love them. As Ulls has said, you can join the Chit Chat thread were you find someone who has or may know about you diagnosis. I have NSCLC.


  • Hi Marie, 

    Well that must have been a terrible shock to find out the cancer you have was caused by the treatment for the cancer you had! What an awful thing to happen. I have heard that radiotherapy can cause cancer as can all the scans but haven’t heard of it happening so thought the risk was minimal. Well you’re here now and crap though that is, it’s a lovely bunch of people here and you’ll get lots of support. I do hope that the Paclitaxel shrinks the tumour so will keep it all crossed . 

    Jac x

  • thank you for the welcome and great to be here!

  • Hi Maria, welcome to the club that nobody chose, we're all lovely and friendly and poorly and like minded Blush


  • thank you for the welcome. Oh am I not in the chit chat thread? Deary me I need more training!!

  • thank you for the welcome and reply. I'm looking forward to the poetic talents! I believed I was in the chit chat group so think I went wrong somewhere. I shall look and try again and thank you for letting me know

  • That's exactly what I said when they told me. One of the things that helped to save my life previously has now come back to kill me. Unlucky huh!! Thank you for the welcome and well wishes. Looking forward to being here.

  • you all seem such beautiful humans and great to be here. Thank you for the welcome!