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Lovely Morning-Chit -Chat- Thread - February 2024

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New month, new thread.

Daily Life chit chat for bloods, scans, appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV - whatever your day has in store for you. That is daily life!

Even having a laugh, that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic please start a new thread so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

Hope this is to everyone's approval.


  • Hi all have been quiet the last few days. I'm not well you know. What I think is IBS ( but not sure now) has been the bane of my life recently has left with being able to eat hardly anything and I am so thin. I've never been more relieved to get an appointment for a CT scan which is on Saturday. It's been like a double whammy with being back on Chemo last week. And today, out the blue, came an appointment for a Pelvic ultrasound. Who set that up I've no idea. I'm under a Gyneagologist too which I was led to believe was just a precautionary measure to monitor a cyst on my oavary. And I have wear and tear of my kidneys. So one or all should show up, even may throw something extra in For once I will be pleased to find out so that I can prepare myself.

    Judy xx

  • Oh Judy, if its not one thing, its some thing else.

    I hope you get an answer either way you will know, not  knowing some times, is worse.

    Not long till Saturday, fingers crossed for you, xx

  • Hi Judy, so sorry to hear of the rough time you are going through but am glad you have a CT scan at the weekend which hopefully find what the problem is so treatment can begin soon, i hope you are managing to drink enough and best wishes for Saturday.


  • Oh im sorry to hear this  hopefully you will get some answers and the help you need to start building yourself up again x

  • Thanks Eddie. If it is cancer then I won’t be able to have two different cancer treatments at the same time. I will just have to wait and see. Trying not to speculate but you do don’t you. This isn‘t  what I had planned for my retirement but many don’t reach my age so I must the thankful. Yes I have to drink 4litres a day. Pity it isn’t wine Wine glass that would help knock it back lol.  

  • Hi Judy, glad your having a scan Saturday,  hope they get to the bottom of your problem. Hang in there Judy, onwards and upwards. Sending hugs xx


  • You are right Judy not knowing can send your mind to places we don't want to go, I suppose we have more reason than most but we also know it does us more harm than good. Maybe you have a guardian angel arranging your scan, 


  • Hi Ellie another new thread, I hope your well. Shopping tomorrow for you. Me bloods !! Nothing new except I must loose a bit of weight I'm  starting to waddle about, lol I haven't been doing the usual amount of exercise  and loving my food , so starting to count my steps again tomorrow  Upside down Take care xx


  • Hi no shopping tomorrow, went today as sister going out.

    Went for breakfast first far to much, though eat it all, some one did mention i was like a good looking pig, WELL i have never seen a  good looking pig, smelly dirty things lol lol

  • As long as you enjoyed the breakfast that's the main thing. Anyone calling you a good looking piggy , are sad jealous PigPig2 piggys