Ever wonder if anyone famous is on here?

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I have Stage 4 lung cancer, so whenever Johnny Irwin or Esther Rantzen is in rhe news,   I find myself following their stories closely.

They seem to be doing well which gives me some hope.

Have just watched Esther's daughter on Loose Women, which was very interesting. Esther has joined Dignitas apparently.  I would also like a choice of how and when to die.

In this country pets have dignified peaceful deaths, but we don't.  Its not right.

  • Hi - Great question!

    I was thinking the same, whether Glenn Campbell (BBC Scotland presenter) has joined, only last week, also Sven-Goran Eriksson!

    There's no reason why they couldn't - just choose a random forum name and be careful what you post.  We'd be none the wiser.  Laughing 

  • A bit topical, but I knew the Postmaster general of Rwanda. Does that count for anything.?

    of course we should have assisted dying.

    it will happen I’m sure.

  • Hello Harebelle, How would we ever know if a famous person was on here, Though there are 66,000 people on the forum plus all those who only ever look at posts, I think it's likely. Couldn't agree more about our right to die, i'm just glad i have done my ResPECT  form at least it gives me a choice about my wishes and treatment.


  • Sven could teach us kick ups


  • Hi  I have been saying for years this country cares more about animals than people! My best friend of over forty years was diagnosed in April with a desease I'd never heard of called Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinsons! Since then she has been in two hospitals and is now in a Care Home, never to go home. She has gone from having sore joints in her feet (was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis) and now can't move by herself, her eyes move but she can't even turn her head to look at me. When I asked her if there was anything I could get her at Christmas she replied slowly in slurred whispers "yes a gun". They wouldn't treat an animal like this, knowing there's no hope of recovery. By the time the family asked about POA it was too late!

    Sorry don't get me started! I could say more but it would be deleted!  I made sure I have Power of Attorney and I have also filled out a ReSpect Form Eddie but I think the POA is a safer bet because it is a Legal Document.

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi  

    Hope you're doing ok. Yes I'm the same, I follow people in the media that have cancer. It's interesting to compare, to see how they're doing. Jonnie Irwin looks stronger than he did. We wouldn't know if there was anyone famous on here but I suppose there might be.

    Not everyone can have a calm peaceful death but a lot of people do. If there is pain relief etc in place, the person will be comfortable. I know where you're coming from though and  friends case is very sad. Just to add to the topic has anyone watched True Love series on channel 4. I won't give any spoilers but the story is about assisted dying. I can recommend, it was good.

    A x

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  • Hi Annette will look into POA, In my healthcare years i met many people who because of their situation didn't want to go on. Something needs to change


  • I'd forgotten about Sven!

  • They absolutely have a right to annonnymitty.  It was just me musing, after watching Loose Women.