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Thank you all, well i in one way have an answer, a another Brain scan with in the next two weeks, a blip was found on  my 3 monthly scan, and now new guide lines incorporate a brain scan for lung cancer people.

Radiologist. Thinks i have had a mini stroke, or might be a small bleed, if it gets bigger, then cancer, the best of three take your pick..

I have had no weakness, slurred speech, trouble with eyes, though i have had that a while now as waiting for 2 cataracts to be done..

If a stroke, referred to stroke unit for more tests, if C then radiotherapy, at a big hospital in London, i do not have time for all this.

My Oncologist said, i am  one of, never had a patient like me, thank goodness, i bet she is thinking.

Her words your first chemo caused a heart attack, last year fractures in pelvis, caused by treatment, now some thing else,  i did say i warrant a Gold Medal.

Same oncologist for 7 years every three months, then Mrs Ellie, i have know one else  on my lists that have lasted this long..

Was told to make sure i get Power of Attorney in Place, because i told her if i have a massive stroke, i do not want to be resuscitated, if cancer i will carry on fighting

Thank you All, xx

  • Dear Ellie another hurdle for you to jump over. Keep on confounding them, you can do it.

    i will be mentioning the new guidelines to my oncologist when i see him in a couple of weeks.

    Sending a big hug your way Hugging

    Love Judy xxxx

  • Does a brain scan have to be done wirh an mri?

    Got me worried now, as I've never had my brain scanned. It's always CT chest and abdomen.

    I'd have to refuse as I've recently found out I'm claustrophobic. (See my post about the bone scan)

  • Harebelle, I don't know' Ellie will be able to tell you. My friend was fearful of MRI scans and she has a lot with her bad back but has been able to overcome the fear now. She takes her own music tapes and they surround her with a beautiful scenery of a beach that takes your mind there and puts you at peace.

    Hope you find a solution to you claustrophia.


  • Yes it does, with dye, i had ct scan same as you, which i have had done for years, and 3 months ago told now the new guide lines do a brain scan, as a precaution as yes LC can go to brain.,

    I was quiet alright with it though noisy have to say, i sung to my self xx

  • Hi Ellie

    At least they have mapped out for you what will happen depending on the outcome.   I always think that the not knowing what's going to happen is the worst.  I wasn't offered any follow up following my stroke diagnosis, but then my consultant did say they had no idea of knowing how long ago it happened.  At least it's not too long to wait for your next scan.

    I hope all goes well.  Jean x

  • Your right jean, i always like to know, what is the next step.

    I had a brain scan in Feb for another hospital, though it was not there then, yes two weeks, is not long has to be done within 6week time frame, the scan was done on the 4th December.

    As you say, knowing is the best policy i think, i then fill in control as such.

    Take Care x.

  • Hi Ellie, As you say, it is better to know what's going on. I assume, like me, you already have POA in place?

    It was strange reading your post because that's exactly what my oncologist says to me!! She has even taken me into the file room and told me that my file is the very first they have ever had to renew because it was so thick it wouldn't fit in the drawer so they started a new one and moved the rest of it to the archives! Malignant Melanoma can also spread to the brain and I have had numerous brain scans. The MRI machine has the facility to take in your own CD to play through the headset, so I always take my own CD as it makes such a difference!

    Well Ellie, we will be pioneers and show them how to fight cancer although it doesn't get any easier, does it my friend!

    Love Annette x

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    • Hi Ellie  I'm sorry I'm late on this one only just seen it. There are a few new protocols about. I quit understand your no resuscitation if a stroke. Had a tiny one in 2012 and would hate to survive a big. My lung cancer is secondries from bowel cancer, so its good to know what to expect in the future. Like you and Annette my oncologist is amazed at me, having had my 40th round of treatment, and talks about me to othere people, still going strong. I must admit a few things are cropping up know, but keep plodding on. Your so brave Ellie and an insperation to us all. Keep going on my friend. Sending love, hugs and good vibes xxx


  • Not brave Moi, just    B....dy Stubborn, Taurus s is my sign, the Bull that says it all..

    Thanks for the reply

  • Ellie I am sorry to hear this. As you don’t have any symptoms, I hope it stays like that and it was just a small bleed. 
    I haven’t heard about the guidelines now incorporating a brain scan in the routine scans. Before you only had a brain scan if you had symptoms. Im not sure it is worth the worry that it brings to have it routinely. 

    Judy it will be interesting to hear what your oncologist says at your next appointment x 


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