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Has any one had a stroke, since they have had cancer or had one, and even they did not know.

Thought i would ask, 

  • Not me I'm pleased to say, but my heart goes out to those that have.

  • Hi Ellie, Not me either thankfully but my sister's husband did. He was paralysed down one side and could hardly speak but due to hard work for 10 months with intense physio, exercise and a speech therapist, he walked his only daughter down the aisle unaided and gave a fantastic speech at her wedding!

    Are you alright Ellie?

    Love Annette x

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  • Has something happened Ellie for you to be concerned?  Your question has me worried x 


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  • Yes chelle i agree..are you okay Ellie???

  • Thanks

    Had CT Scan on the 2nd Dec and Brain Scan 4th Dec i had a phone call yesterday morning 9.15. could i go into clinic for 11am, i could not., my appointment for oncologist is the 3rd January.

    I stood my ground and said some thing wrong, Oncologist Thinks i could have had a Stroke for heavens sake, so hence the question,.

    Talk about just keep throwing things at you, Merry Christmas..

  • Hi Ellie, When I read your question, I was very worried but hoped you were asking for someone else! Are you able to think back and remember when it might have happened? So the fact that they said you could have had a stroke or maybe a mini stroke, does that mean they are not sure?

    How do you feel? Has anything changed? I do hope they have made a mistake! Take care!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hey Ellie I’ve just logged on. Are you okay? Has something happened to make them think you’ve had a stroke? 

  • As lung cancer can go to the brain, the nice guide lines say must be scanned every 3 months, and this is what she is looking at, i had a brain scan start of year, as i had fractures, so did a full spinal and brain, so some thing must have changed., i will find out Wednesday, though floored me yesterday, i have to say.

  • Not sure Annette,, nurse said my oncologist thinks, i have had a stroke, its not cancer related, was a bit floored, though will find out Wednesday, have a few questions, talk about keep throwing it at some one, x

  • Funny you should say that Annette and I were taking about every time we go to see a consultant we come away with another problem