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Lovely Morning Chit - Chat No 17

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Another, new thread.

Daily Life chit chat, for bloods, Scans, Appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV, , what ever you day has in store for you .that is daily life

Even having a laugh that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic, please start a new thread, so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

So No 16  will be cancelled, and new one is No 17,

Hope this to everyone's approval.


  • Morning Tricia

    Biscuits hope they where chocolate  ones, lol. 

    I bet your sons will think, Christmas has come early, you can do it, have faith.

    Glad i have a little influence to at least one, my job is done.

    I cook a Sunday dinner, just for me at times, then think was it worth it, then have to wash up lol.

    Hope your daughter and hubby enjoy their Honeymoon, those where the days lol.

    My granddaughter is of to Australia, for  a year to 18 months, she has just done three weeks in Thailand, having the time of her life, you go girl. 

    Please ask your sons, for marks out of 10 regarding their dinner, lol you might get a gold star,

  • Hi Ellie you asked about the surgeon I've not spoken to him yet, when I do I'll let you know, but he doesn't want to operate because of my other problems now 7 in total endoscopy can not be done dueInnocento me having thin walls in the bowel, so just have to waite and see, as all ways.Innocent

  • Right we are always waiting on some thing, rather than a bus, i am waiting for a knight in shinning armour, i will not hold my breath, thats for sure, lol

  • Hi Tricia, I'm quite used to waking up every few hours during the night normally a result of pain from arthritis but since I've started drinking golden milk at bedtime the pain has gone and the swelling has reduced considerably.

  • Well Ellie that's me out I'm not a knight nor do I have any armour.

  • JoyJoy Dont think he would be brave enough incase he never gets one again lol. Dont think im at the gold star standard yet lol but who knows lol. If you are willing to risk food posioning your welcome to mine. lol. Its great that your grandaughter is having a great time traveling to all these fabulous places. xxx

  • Excuse my ignorance Ulls but can you tell me what is golden milk. Do you have to go to a special shop to buy it. xx

  • Well thats why i said will not hold my breath,  only happens in fairy tales lol ,This life is not a Fairy Tale, more Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Right shower, and strip the bed, what a marathon that is lol

  • Come from a golden cow lol lol