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Lovely Morning Chit - Chat No 17

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Another, new thread.

Daily Life chit chat, for bloods, Scans, Appointments, going shopping, cutting grass, reading, watching some thing decent on TV, , what ever you day has in store for you .that is daily life

Even having a laugh that is a normal life, and we all have it.

If you have a special topic, please start a new thread, so people that wish to see it can, and can comment.

So No 16  will be cancelled, and new one is No 17,

Hope this to everyone's approval.


  • Well i will be the first to post, though not the last.

    Sun is out here, and have washing on line, for a while.

  • Where my post, where my squirrel, where my brain.

    happy Christmas everyone, everybodies having fun.

    Do you think we will get a hose pipe ban, I hope so, I tripped over mine last time causing my wrist to break, I may have mentioned this.

    if venetian blinds hadn’t been invented, it would have been curtains for all of us.

    the old ones are the best.

  • I think we had better start building an ark, two by two and all that.

    War Famine and Floods, heard that before, some where.

    Merry Christmas, 

  • Woo Woo a new thread No 17 hope I've got it right this time. BP and Ellie and  happy new year lol


  • Yes right first go, i did ask admin to close no 16 at 1,30 still not done it.

    Merry Christmas lol

  • Good Morning

    Well it is dry here, and looks a little brighter, how long it lasts, who knows.

    Up quiet early as such and having second cuppa.

    Got to have a better day, for me than yesterday  mentally wise, we will get there.

    Going to try and keep busy today.

    I hope every one, has the day that they want, what ever it may be, and just make the most of it.

  • Good morning all, nice and sunny but chilly up hear, last night the first time in month's we had friend's round to play card's, I had 2 can's of none alcoholic beer, I was so full I was up 5 times for the loo 

  •  Morning Ellie Brighter here too  although rain will be arriving. I have been up early for pill time. I have had 2 cuppas and a packet of biscuits. I believe in healthy eating lol. Sending you a great big hug i know how hard it is when you dont feel mentally ok,as if the illness isnt enough to deal with. I hope it goes quickly. You are in my thoughts and because of your influence i am actually going to cook sunday lunch god help my sons stomach lol. Youngest daughter flew off this morning to honeymoon in Italy better later than never. As you have already said i hope everyone gets the day they are hoping for. xxx

  • As long as you had a good night, then was worth it, felt  like back to how it used to be.

    Glad you had a couple of cans, of what ever, xx

  • Morning Ulls glad to read you had a good evening with friends and cards. You couldnt have got much sleep with 5 trips to the loo in the night, xxx