Sick and Angry

Had pains in my stomach last evening then 11pm vomited, I thought it would never stop. The dry reaching stopped just after midnight. Left with no strength  and fell asleep, very bad dreams and woke at 3.30am. Very upset and angry. Ray made me a cup of tea, witch was soothing to my stomach. This is happening more often lately. I know we are all heading to the end game but I hate it and am so angry.Its my life and I want yo keep it. Rant over. A few deep breaths and let it all out and get on with things, its all I can do. XX


  • Oh sorry Moi to hear you have not been to good.

    Well  i am not heading towards the end game, and neither are you, you have had a break, now back on treatment, why when some  thing, is different, we always think the worse, yes because we have this, could be some thing innocent.

    Moi i have been having nightmares quiet often lately, and last nights was horrible, and i wonder where they come from.

    The mind can be a terrible thing at times, and cannot switch it of, mine has more energy that what i do.

    Glad you had a rant, and hopefully things will settle, do not think the worse, harder said than done, i know.



  • Get those big girl knickers out, just because you had a break, they where put away, and you had saucy ones, i know.xx


  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear you've not been so good. I hope you're wrapped up and warm, having a nap. It's exhausting being up at night. Don't know how I ever did night shift but that was in another life.

    Hope you're feeling better

    A x

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  • My heart breaks a little bit more every time I read of one of you lovely ladies suffering like this. I’m glad to hear that you’re being looked after Moi. I hope that you’ve been resting and that tonight you’ll sleep well and without nightmares. X

  • Hi Ellie,  your right, I've had me moan and put my Big Girl Knickers on. I've showered and dressed and growled  at the fella next door when he knocked for Ray, lol. It's to easy to think the worse. Im sorry uour having nightmares, it makes the night so long with dark mornings added to it. God I'm off again. The mind is powerfull, on good days it helps us fight this illness and on bed days it makes things worse. Thanks Blush xx


  • Thankyou Sistermoon, yes my husband is very caring and takes good care of me. I've had a nap,  watching TV at the moment and myrock is making the dinner. xx


  • Thanks Jools, I'm ok . Been resting and Ray's taking good care of me. xx


  • Second time I’ve tried to reply Moi, my brain has failed.

  • Sorry Moi, we are all behind you. Xx

  • Thanks BP means alot xx