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Hi to incredible incurables just got home from Guys with my last pump on Tada following consultant appt on Monday they did say I needn’t have any more as leaving off last two sessions wouldn’t make a lot of difference! Whilst we need a scan yo see whet chemo is doing to Mr CBlue hearthey can see from blood results what it is doing elsewhere especially to my blood counts. After a little discussion and as I had psyched myself up that session 11 and 12 would be over in four weeks wBlue heartcompromised so session 11 went ahead today and session 12 was scrapped. Going forward next is a scan and the pic line out and then three months without chemo to bring some normality and quality of lBlue hearte back. At the end of February another scan and see where we go from here! I’m looking forward to feeling well enough to get away with hubby a couple of timers. Spending time with family and friendsBlue heartome theatre trips, dining out and shopping trips, I know I will have to pace myself and plan these trips sensibly! Yesterday is gone I’m here today and hopefully tomorrow and the day after and I canBlue heart think any further it’s to scary. Hope you are all ok Blue heartHeart

  • Hi Loony, Well done for getting to your last session! I'm sure you feel a bit strange now chemo has come to an end but hopefully it has done it's work and you will have lots of trips on holiday, th the Theatre and shopping to come. As you say, just pace yourself and don't try them all at once!! LOL! If you are tired, take a rest as if you don't, in the long run you won't be able to do as much! Your last sentence is similar to the Phrase in my signature below, as you will see!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Loony, bet your really pleased you've finished chemo and you can have a more normal life. I have just finished a 3 month brake from my treatment and it was lovely to be normal for a while. You must  listen to your body as Annette has said and you will enjoy your new found freedom . have fun xx


  • Thanks Moi2 nice to hear you have had a break. How were you on this break, did you really get some normality back,?after all we are all the same with no cure just some extra time if our treatments are doing their job! Have you now got to have further chemo? If so do you know in what form? My Oncologist have predicted that I will be given chemo in a tablet form there was another chemo but since I’m suffering quite badly with peripheral neuropathy therapy unless it clears up during my three months off but not sure that will happen! Sorry to bombard you with questions but I’m sure you will understand where I’m coming from x

  • Hi Loony, well done for completing your chemo, and really hope you enjoy your free time now. It sounds like you have lots of things planned. There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with loved ones. Have fun x 


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  • Good morning Loony, First I'm on immunotherapy,  Nivolumab, which I have been on for3 and half years I have an 8 week break about 3 times a year. But this time a 12 week break. I felt strong and really normal, no hospital appointments, lots of little breaks away. Yes I need and am having my usual immunotherapy,  which I'll be on until it stops working. Had it on Monday, I must admit I'd forgotten how tired I get for a couple of days after treatment, so just been resting. I can't have the chemo tablets as I also have a little  heart condition. But I really enjoy my little breaks. Enjoy your breaks, but do listen to your body, rest when you need to don't over do things. I over did the walking on Wales and ended up in bed for 2 days. Take care xx


  • It's lovely to have completed your treatment, Well Done Loony!

    When I finished mine I felt strangely adrift as I was used to arranging my life around hospital visits, treatments and blood tests and planning treats for the third week in my treatment cycle when I usually had more energy. Over two years down the line it's great, it took quite a long time to build my stamina up, and it's never really returned to pre-chemo levels, but I don't know if that's age or chemo! 

    It took me a while to make future plans, it seemed like tempting fate! I am trying to be bolder, but I am now a master at organising short notice trips.

    Enjoy yourself!


  • Great news  . Well done on finishing your treatment, it's tough to get through but now you can look forward. It's taken me a long time to get over the fatigue but I think I am getting there. Either that or I pace myself better. Have fun!

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  • Hi Loony well done on getting through your chemo. Hopefully not long before you get a scan, and confirmation of how it’s done. I hope you enjoy your new found freedom. X

  • Scan booked for 27th Oct result appt two weeks later! Just need to get through what I call my shitty week and hopefully we are on the up. Will let you know how it goes in the meantime keep positive

  • Hi all on the 14 Oct day after the final pump came off I went upstairs to the loo it was a Saturday just finished watching Strictly! When I got to top of stairs felt really giddy and nauseous so went and sat on the bed for couple of minutes. Then went to loo which is a stand alone type. Don’t remember anymore I did hear my body thud as my chin hit the edge of lid and my chest slammed into bowl of toilet. I then passed out. I came round with Claire and Vic trying to pick me up I was wet from head to toe where I had passed urine. They managed to strip me off and change my clothes one I got over initial shock I went down stairs and had a cup of tea snd we discussed what had happened. My knees were bruised black and this bruising was immediate. On the Sunday bruising speared on my chin and on one breast. By Tuesday I just ached and felt whole body was jarred. I then started my normal second chemo week very sleepy and felt sick and again thought it was to do with my blood. Some more bruising cam out in all sorts of places. Turning over began to be very painful as did standing up across lower part of spine. 

    still convinced the reason I felt so ill was low blood counts we went for my scan on October 27th, but used the wheel chair we were in and out unusually quickly. I convinced Vic he could use the next two weeks with no appt to take the time for him to go to France continue the business of selling the house. I played down how I was feeling as I didn’t want him to cancel. My sister was coming to stay with me he flew out on 1st November and he is due back on 12th in time for results appt on 13th. My sister arrived at lunch time on 1st and insisted I phoned Guys they asked me to go in by 9.30 on 2nd. They did bloods straight away which took a couple of hours to come back all fine except one haemoglobin which was 86 which is slightly higher than they deem you level to need infusion. However because of the fall and although she didn’t think there was any damage she ordered a scan with contrast, came back clear. Also ordered X-ray of my back that came showing a fractured bone one side of chest which will heal over time.

    She then opened up and said my scan images were back and there were concerns so radiology was looking into them to prepare the reports ready for my appt. By the end of the day I was told that the caHeartcer had grown and spread a vertebrae was squashed and the nerve from this part of spine was very close to the cancer. They decided to keep me in and do MRI next day to see into vertebrae and spine sHeart this has been done today but to late for Docs to get report discuss and see me they will see me tomorrow going forward at the moment they have put me on high dose of steroid and plan for radiotheraHearty, I’m on complete bed rest until results come through and I have been told the cancer has spread to the sternum. Do tomorrow will be make your mind up time. I’m still trying to be positive, I know Heartt will get me eventually but not before I’ve had some good days and given Mr C a run around. Will get back to you after 13th when both teams have got back to me. Stay positive yesterday has gone, toHeartays not done tomorrows not promised but giving it my best shot to be there and for all the tomorrows I can Heart