Last chemo session

Hi to incredible incurables just got home from Guys with my last pump on Tada following consultant appt on Monday they did say I needn’t have any more as leaving off last two sessions wouldn’t make a lot of difference! Whilst we need a scan yo see whet chemo is doing to Mr CBlue hearthey can see from blood results what it is doing elsewhere especially to my blood counts. After a little discussion and as I had psyched myself up that session 11 and 12 would be over in four weeks wBlue heartcompromised so session 11 went ahead today and session 12 was scrapped. Going forward next is a scan and the pic line out and then three months without chemo to bring some normality and quality of lBlue hearte back. At the end of February another scan and see where we go from here! I’m looking forward to feeling well enough to get away with hubby a couple of timers. Spending time with family and friendsBlue heartome theatre trips, dining out and shopping trips, I know I will have to pace myself and plan these trips sensibly! Yesterday is gone I’m here today and hopefully tomorrow and the day after and I canBlue heart think any further it’s to scary. Hope you are all ok Blue heartHeart

  • Hi Looney, 

    Poor you,  you've certainly been through the mill. I sincerely wish you the very best for a very quick and full recovery. 

  • Hi Loony, so sorry to hear your news. Mr. C is being a pest as always. Try to enjoy your 3 months off treatment with your family. I've just finished a break and it was lovely  not going for appointments. Take care. Sending hugs and good vibes xx


  • Hi Looney

    Well you certainly need some positivity at the moment so wishing you a quick recovery and you can start enjoying your treatment free time 

    Hugs Donna

  • Sorry to hear your latest development. That doesn’t sound fun at all. There always seems to be another twist waiting for us in our journeys, I hope they can literally get you back on your feet again.