Pension headache (pun intended)

Hello everybody 

I am having problems trying to access my pension.I have sent all the forms including oncologist and employer forms but have been told that there is no timeline given to anyone applying for ill health retirement ? They haven’t even formally aknowledged they’ve received it. I’m really cross and want to pan some nice things before I can’t do them anymore. Has anyone else had difficulties and how did you get it resolved if you did. The pension company is Teacher’s Pensions. 

Jac x

  • Hi i  cannot advise you,  though why not give the Macmillan help line a call, there where a great help to my daughter  on her return to work, and advise her on  every thing, all to her advantege.  Number is on the site.


  • Hi Ellie, yes I rang MacMillan, they were helpful and kind but couldn’t do anything. Said to ring back in 3 month I’d I haven’t heard anything.

  • Hi Jac, 

    I reached out to mine with a few questions when diagnosed to understand some options and the process for ill health retirement if I wanted to go down that route.   

    If they are not responding, or they aren't advising how long it will take, or can't acknowledge receipt of your paperwork I would suggest a stronger letter dictating your timescales to them or raising an official complaint.  They can't expect you to wait indefinitely.    You can't access the pensions ombudsman without having gone through their internal complaints protocol. 

    If you raise a polite complaint using their official complaints procedure, they have to respond within 8 weeks.  State the 8 week period in the letter and say you're going to the ombudsman if they don't respond by dd/mm/yy.  This could be a way to get them to engage more effectively with you.   Bit of a bull in a china shop approach, but if they won't be fair and reasonable with you, two can play at that game.  

    The 8 week rule I quote is on the NIDirect gov website.  

    I think mine advised ill health retirement was an on-demand request to the board.  Sounds bizarre to me.  Different pension to yours.  

    It's like the tax office, isn't it.  It's quickly taken out your pay, and you always owe them, but when they owe you it's a totally different story, spelt d-e-l-a-y.  

  • I've just thought about something else.  I work for a financial services company and a new mandatory training module I did today was "vulnerable customers for non customer facing staff".  Life events like we are all experiencing puts us all in this category and financial companies must adhere to regulatory protocol to ensure that v. customers don't experience bad outcomes.  You could remind them of their obligations in this area and (if you felt comfortable with it) request they tag your customer record accordingly.

  • Hi Jac,

    Im sorry this is happening when you have enough on your mind! I read Mmum's posts and I think she has given you sound advice. It also might make sense to speak to someone at the Citizens Advice Centre as they are normal very helpful. Good luck

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi..legally they do have a timeliness as to when they give you the illustration. I do.not.know what it is exactly now as I cashed mine in early last year and have forgotten. For good information on this you can get the rules by searching " serious ill-health retirement" in Google then look for the link that has .GOV on the end. Good luck

    Tracey x

  • I applied for my teachers pension with just a letter signed by my nurse specialist and oncologist. I didnt have a need to actually speak to anyone on the phone. However I did get a very prompt reply and decision within about a month? I think? And my payments very quickly thereafter. I did everything online through my account online with the TPS. I am so sorry they are messing you around. The advice below about the complaints procedure seems very sensible to me. It's all a bit unfair isn't it? Good luck, be strong, this is YOUR money xxx

  • Hi Sparky, do you mind me asking about your prognosis ? I wonder why they are taking so long with mine when yours was so quick? 

  • Can’t find anything online about timelines in .gov Summer. And only vague references elsewhere. 

  • Thanks Mmum, that’s really useful advice x