Hello everyone 

I’m just in need of a little moan. I was enjoying a nice birthday for the first half of the day, then decided to go shopping. I wanted a brand new dog walking jacket! I found it so tiring, and had to cut my trip out short. Too tired to make lunch, so had a bowl of cereal. Now I just feel exhausted and weepy. I don’t want sympathy, as I know others have it far worse. Thanks for being a safe space for me to vent.

  • Moan away we all do at times.

    I go food shopping, come home, and knackered, i used to be able to be out all day shopping, those days are long gone.  

    I get frustrated, with my self, because i cannot do, what  used to mind you getting older for me does not help, double whammy Bammey 


  • Aww you can moan as much as you like we are all here to help each other. It's hard when you can't do what you used to. But tomorrow is another day .so get yourself shopping and buy yourself a little extra to cheer yourself up .Big hugs x

  • Thanks Ellie. I think doing the coffee morning on Friday, then abseiling yesterday, I should’ve expected it. I’ve cancelled my Pilates class tomorrow as I’ve got 100 mile round trip to hospital on Tuesday! I hope you’re taking care of yourself.

  • Thanks Bev. I read your profile. I only have liver mets, so think you probably know better than I do about being fatigued. I hope you are keeping well.

  • You have to pace your self, i do one day what i want though next day, have to take it easy.

    You have a right to be exhausted you have done a lot in a few days.


  • Hi Joel's, fatigue, I hate it. Been away for a break in Wales over did the walking (as usual) . Had to rest for a few days before I could stand tall (5 foot) lol. Anyway listen to your body. Some days (not often)I will wake and am just out of the game so I shower and put pjs on and have a quiet day and just rest cry and eat, if I can be bothered. At first on them days, I'd  say come on girl get going and do what needed doing and have an awful day. So I listen to my body now. Just be kind to yourself.  xx


  • Hi that's what I try to do after I've had a day of rest cry and eat. Then I make myself get up the next day get dressed and go meet my sister in town. If I didn't do that I would very rarely see anyone .you would think ppl in our circumstances would always have visitors but I dont .I can go weeks without anyone stepping foot in my house x

  • Hi Bev when first diagnosed I found out who my true friends  are, always had visitors. 5 years down the line half of them think I'm better, cos I look well and feel well most of the time and am just getting on with life. Not so long ago a few of the girls where arranging a walking holiday to Scotland, I said no, Why was the reply, I explained, one said oh god I keep forgetting you ill, you just don't look ill or act ill, sorry we won't go. I said you will go and send videos pictures and enjoy your break. I'll stay at home doing my knitting and cuddle the cat and send texts saying how sick I am. Lol. We just have to get on with it Bev. By the way I don't knit and haven't a cat . People just get on with there own lives. Take care xx


  • That's the thing Cos we might look ok and still here people think oh they fine. Like cancer has gone away. They fail to realise cancer hasnt gone away and they don't no what is going around in your head .I can feel my mood dropping in the last week. I do this every couple of months and people no this but seem to forget or not take notice . My neighbour yesterday asked if I had cut the front grass as we share the garden.i said no I havnt I dont look at the bludy grass sorry I've more to think about than grass . Anyway my rant over lol. Hope you are well x

  • Thanks Moi. I’m going to stop thinking I’m some sort of superwoman! I’m not man bashing, but do think it’s harder for women.