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Good morning all,

I am a newbie here. Just diagnosed with terminal cancer and about 8 months to live. No terrible symptoms yet. 67 year old bloke living in London.

Just wanted to say Hi,



  • Hu Kevin

    Sorry you have had, to find us, though you are very well come

    You will get a lot of support here, every one is here for the same reason, and we support each other.

    Not sure you have done your profile, others can click on it, and gives us an idea, of treatments you may have had,


    Others will come along and welcome you.ou can say what ever you want, know ever judges the other, as we have all been there, at some point,.

  • Hi Kevin

    Sorry you have found yourself here but welcome anyway. It’s a wonderful community here. Are you able to have any treatments at all? 
    Jac x

  • No I don't think so. My cancer is inoperable and chemo may slow it down but the treat meats is invasive. I am comfortable with the diagnosis and prognosis. I just want to make the most of the time left.

    Thank you for asking


  • Thank you for the welcome Ellie.

    I just want to make the most of the time left but I do not walk very well so holidays etc are almost impossible.



  • My cancer, was inoperable from day one.  and we all have to  make  that choice, can i ask what type of cancer do you have.

  • Thank you,  i do know a   bit about that, as i know some one that had it.

    Sorry you have  trouble walking, though you seem to be at peace with your desion. Bless You

  • Good morning and welcome to this lovely group of people, sorry your prognosis is not very positive. But just remember have as much fun and be happy with the time you have. It could be longer than they predict it's not an exact science.

    We are all here for reason, the most important thing is we support each other through it. 

    Have you been offered any treatment at all or offered any trials? Anyway if you need to chat at all the door is always open.

    Have a good weekend 


  • Thank you for your kind words Donna. Only diagnosed a couple of days ago but cancer is inoperable and chemo would only slow it down a bit. Not afraid of dying but more concerned about making the most of the time left. Do not yet have a bucket or a list to go in it but it is early days.

    hope you are doing OK


  • Hi Kevin may I call you Kevin

    The only thing I have on my list is to do what makes me happy on a daily basis, I try and do at least one kind act a day that makes someone else happy, if that happens I can smile to myself and be happy. 

    May I suggest you give some thought to having the chemotherapy, I know you say it will only slow it down but you never know what's around the corner treatment wise. the decision is totally yours of course, I just say this as your diagnosis is so new and given a little time you might like to try. I am treatable not curable and I'm 18 months on from my diagnosis I can't say it's been easy but my cancer is stable and I enjoy life as much as treatment allows. 

    Like you I'm not afraid of dying a focus on doing things that make me happy and making the most of my time. All that's important really is that you make decisions your are happy with. I hope you have plenty of friends around you that can help you enjoy your time.

    Have a lovely weekend,