New to all of this.

Hi all. 
Hope you are all as well as can be. 
Unfortunately I seem to have joined your exclusive club recently. 

7 weeks ago I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer which after numerous tests has now shown it’s metastasised to my hip, sacrum and upper spine. 

must admit to this being a bit of a shock and all happening incredibly quickly. 

I start my chemotherapy next week and have radiotherapy as well for my hip to see if it can help with the pain in my leg. I’ll try anything they can throw at me. 

I’ve seen so much hope and positivity on here, but this is my first time actually posting. To be honest I’m not sure what to put or what I expect, but I just thought I’d say hello. 

I told the oncologist that I was going to ruin their statistics and outlive the predicted 18 months. Fingers crossed I do. 

take care all. 

  • Hi Simon

    You can say what ever you want, or need to say here..

    We are all here to support, each other, and every one was new at the start of this journey, and that is what it is.

    You can shout, scream, moan, cry or have a rant, we have all done it,

    Great bunch of people, all thrown together, threw, this thing they call Cancer, it can be hard, nothing in life is, easy,  and if your down, we will lift you up.

    We also like a laugh and joke, and  why wouldn't we


    Others will come along,  and welcome you.


  • Hi Simon 

    So sorry you have to find yourself here, but it's a great place for advice, a chat, rant cry, a laugh and everything else in between.

    Everyone is lovely here, we're all in the same boat, so completely understand what we're going through. 

    They couldn't give me a sell by date, but you'll find lots of lovely people here that have gone way past theirs.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Hi Simon, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here. 

    You really are at the start of this crazy journey, but it’s good to hear you have a strong determination! Radiotherapy is very good for shrinking tumours quickly, so is very good pain relief treatment. Lots of members here who are either on chemo or have had chemo who will be able to share their experience with you. 

    Lots of us here who have stuck our fingers up to cancer and outlived our sell by date. If you click on our name or picture, it will take you to our profile where you can read our stories. 


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    Maya Angelou

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  • Hi Simon

    I am new too. I’ve been lurking for quite a while and only started posting in the last few days. This community feels so warm, welcoming and safe.

    I’ve had Chemoradiotherapy and other treatments. I found the treatments made me even more tired and sometimes I felt quite ill but it was all worth it. 

    You take care x

  • Hi Simon!  My onco asked what my targets were and in response he said "I always tell people an average of blah".   That struck a chord with me.   Chatting on here and hearing people's perspectives made me jump over the fence with respect to prognosis and I'll not be asking again.  Good luck with your treatment.  I especially hope the RT helps with the pain.  Pain not nice.  

  • Hi Simon, A warm welcome.
    When my onc told me in the May that I'd not be around to celebrate the coming new year, I told her I was sorry to disagree but we had booked a holiday for Jan/Feb and we weren't going to cancel it! Then she told me because my type of cancer didn't respond to either chemo or RT there was nothing in the way of treatment she could offer. I told her I had faith that she would find me something!
    2 months later she found me a Trial for a new drug, it was hard going with the side effects, (& still is sometimes) but so worth it!                      Diagnosed May 2014, Off Trial Oct 2016,  still here today to tell you about a miracle! Where there's Life, there's Hope!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Thanks for sharing your story. Good Luck with your treatment. You can certainly write your own ending, but before that, enjoy living and take heart and hope that you’re not ‘average’ and Science and Research is moving on daily. There are so many more choices for us now and targeted treatments.

    Keep us posted how your treatment is going. You’ve got this Raised hands tone1

    Onwards and upwards Pray tone1

  • Thank you for your reply. It certainly made me smile and I do like smiling. 

  • Hi Cat. Thank you. I’m finding people on here seem pretty special. Hope to keep speaking to you for as long as possible. 

  • LOL  costs nothing to smile, and could make some ones day,

    We have just had another new one today, you both have the same cancer

    We are the elite club, in many ways, and you hive to be special to get in. lol