Hi All,

I am writing with news that Ruth died at home on Saturday with her family around her, just as she wanted it.

Ruth was involved in this Group and others, for many years until the beginning of this year when she couldn't sign in. For a while, she continued to read the Posts but couldn't reply. Then she became very ill and was taken to hospital where she was told nothing more could be done, Ruth had been through all the treatment possible and like myself and others, hadn't expected to live for years after diagnosis. Her husband decided he wanted Ruth to come home and be cared for by him with the help of her son and daughter when they could.

I know some of you will remember the excitement when Ruth became a grandparent to a beautiful granddaughter, she didn't ever expect to see. That granddaughter is now just over one year old.

The last email I got from Ruth was last Thursday when she said she thought her time was finally up and she was ready to go. She was such a determined, strong and thoughtful friend, right to the end.

When I didn't get an email on Friday or Saturday, I knew my friend had died as they were the only two days I hadn't received an email from her since February and I was sad but relieved for Ruth as she had been through so much these last six months. Please keep Ruth, her husband, son, daughter and of course her granddaughter and extended family in your thoughts and prayers.

Love to you all,

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