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Lovely Morning - Chit- Chat - Thread - No 13

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Continues from thread no 12

Chit Chat about any thing and every thing.

Scans, Bloods, how your day has been,  rubbish anything that is on your mind, with in reason.

Daily lifewe like a laugh, and ct silly at times, though it helps us get threw the day,

Though if you have a special topic, please start another thread, on that subject,

  • Wishing my girl was buy my side, well I saw the reruns did you see the original, I never saw the gene autry cowboy films at the Saturday afternoon pictures, I heard it cost 6d to get in. InnocentInnocentInnocentInnocentInnocent

  • LOL Oh course i see the originals Raw Hide, was the high Light in the day lol.

    gene Autrey your going back  bit, Saturday morning pictures,  was the high light of the week,

    Well some one of your age would not know about that, bit like me telling my children, how times used to be, lol

  • 6d was the dear seats at the back. 3d was for the front  rows. All the lads would be stamping their feet when it got exciting like the Indians chasing the cowboys. So much fun in those days. 

  • Year right not, we had a hight restricted man called Johnny who collected the ticket and tore it in half and checked on us during the show but he was good fun he would dress up as a cowboy or an Indian or spaceman, and if you could afford it he let you in for free. My aunty worked at the corra pictures I could get in there free as well, but it had wood benches to sit on. 

  • Oh our seats were soft! Kids these days miss out on the old fashioned fun we had. The cinema was the highlight of our lives. Johnny sounds a good sort. 

  • You got a bag of salted crisps in with the price everyone paid 6d the Cora was only 4d an adult and 2d for kid's, it was ease to tell what films were on when all the kid came out and were riding imaginary houses shoot with their finger's at the Indian's 

  • Joy Aww great memories eh! 

  • Off to have my bloods done for chemo tomorrow….

    have a good day folk xxxx

  • Every  thing was so much fun in the GOOD OLD DAYS, so they say lol Remember them well xx

  • i remember in school holidays on very hot days we did see the same movie twice as it has been nice and cool inside. Was cheep then anyway.