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Lovely Morning - Chit- Chat - Thread - No 13

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Continues from thread no 12

Chit Chat about any thing and every thing.

Scans, Bloods, how your day has been,  rubbish anything that is on your mind, with in reason.

Daily lifewe like a laugh, and ct silly at times, though it helps us get threw the day,

Though if you have a special topic, please start another thread, on that subject,

  • Little bit of information, might be useful might not.

    If you are blue badge holder, with a lot of water companies, they  lift the hose pipe ban, for blue badge holders., so worth a check, with who you are with, and your on the seniority list 

  • I see you've changed the thread again, but you can't get rid of me that easy LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

  • As if i would see No Pulse Postion, xx

  • Good morning to everyone. Hope you have all had a good night. Good luck to anyone with appoitments and scans today..Its cold and grey here today so mabe Scotland will be sunny  i. am sitting having a quiet cuppa before the panic starts lol. No doubt i will forget to pack something but as long as i remember to take my daughter lol. Have a good weekend whatever plans you have. You will all be in my thoughts and i shall raise a glass to you all. Love Tricia. xxxx 

  • Have a lovley time trica wherever you going. Hope the weather is nice for you. Xx

  • Morning have a lovely time and hope everything foes, just right.

    Will be a good day, xxx

  • Morning yet again

     Hope every one is well, and the weather is kind to you,

    Was lovely here yesterday, and did a few small jobs,

    Did more talking and reading, than working.

    Enjou your day xxxxs

  • Hi Trisha, I'm sure you will enjoy your trips to Alba it's a wonderful place.

  • Morning Ellie, today is like yesterday gray but not cold, did a bit more work on the fence, then visited a friend, after tea went to the club with the men..

    How are you today.

  • Morning Mr Ulls

     At least the fence is getting dine, slowly slowly does it.

    Was beautiful here yesterday and today going to be the same, about time,

    i had an easy day yesterday, still did a few little things, was a good day.

    Went to the club with the Men lol,  why not,

    Otherwise i am  ok,  keep them wagons rolling Rawhide, lol Do you remember that xxx