Sudden Weakness

Hi all, we've talked about this before. Just lately its happening quit often, this morning felt good, said I'd do breakfast, for a change. Standing in the kitchen buttering the toast and shelling  eggs it hit. Pain across the shoulders , arms weak, went dizzy had to sit on the floor before I fell down. Ray checked my sugars, they were ok, so put me on the bed , it's Totally  waked me out. Didn't ring anyone cos it's only when standing and looking down for a while that it happened. Last ti.e they said it could  be vertigo, as they couldn't find anything wrong. So just laying in bed resting for a bit. xx


  • Sorry Moi is your blood pressure ok as well, could be to do with the inner ear, which causes all different, symptoms, tke it easy and get it checked,


  • Thanks Ellie,  just done blood pressure,  135/60 so that's good for me. Will phone them Monday and see my gp. xx


  • Hi moi I have a problem with my inner ears, if I change the possition of my head quickly I go dizzy, the little hairs in my ear are damaged and the fluid is a bit to thick, so off to GPs asp, if you know were thay are.   

  • Yes your bp is good, but when at times people stand up can go to low,


  • Hi Ulls thanks for replying,  it seams my magnesium levels are low and that is what is causing my problem, been given powders to take . See my gp Monday, morning,  the walk in Dr. Has arranged it I'll  get a call in morning with a time to go in. Thanks xx


  • Thank ELLIE  been the walk in centre  bloods show low magnesium again got powders to take and see gp Monday morning  xx


  • Good not you know xxx


  • Hi Moi, Sorry to hear about this problem. It can be quite scary at times, so pleased you are going to GP to get it checked!

    I felt like that a couple of times recently and it was because my iron levels were low.

    It can be caused by a few things, so good to get it checked. We don't have a walkin clinic any more here. You used to be able to just turn up but now we have to call NHS 24 to get referred to Out of hours GP service and it can take a while before you actually speak to a human!

    Love Annette x

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  • Morning Moi

    Glad to hear your're feeling better and they're getting you sorted,

    Cat x

  • We still have to phone 111 and get told we're to go, they were very good but had to wait for blood test results which took ages, but still here to tell the tale.  xx