Sudden Weakness

Hi all, we've talked about this before. Just lately its happening quit often, this morning felt good, said I'd do breakfast, for a change. Standing in the kitchen buttering the toast and shelling  eggs it hit. Pain across the shoulders , arms weak, went dizzy had to sit on the floor before I fell down. Ray checked my sugars, they were ok, so put me on the bed , it's Totally  waked me out. Didn't ring anyone cos it's only when standing and looking down for a while that it happened. Last ti.e they said it could  be vertigo, as they couldn't find anything wrong. So just laying in bed resting for a bit. xx


  • Like it or not waiting is major part of our lives now, ho such great joy.

  • So true Ulls, but I've always been very impatient. But we just have to get on with it. Have a good day xx


  • Hi Moi, I hope that you are feeling better good luck for your appointment. I've been struggling with my log in, I have accidentally reported this conversation, apologies xx


  • Moi, I have this. When looking down for too long. Last time I was cooking a batch of pancakes and it came on. Pain across shoulders, dizzy and the other panic stuff like your mouth filling with saliva and having to sit down before you fall down.

    I have a trapped nerve in my spine in the neck between C4/C5. It crimps the brachia nerves and often ends up with tingly arm and hand. It got so bad I used to drop the brush or knife when I was painting. An MRI showed this up and that was the diagnosis. If you have spondylosis like me then I that may well be it. Do check it out.  Rainie x

  • Hi Raine, I've got spondylosis as well is Very painful sometimes it jam's as well as the symptoms you have stated, so I feel for you 

  • Blood rest showed magnesium low given  powders for it. I will mention this to my team and request an mri see were that gets me. Thanks Rainie,  hope your OK. Xx