PICC line tomorrow

Yeah PICC line day for me tomorrow!! Again the absolute unknown!!

Any words of wisdom lovely people??


  • The headache from hell today!! I don't suffer with migraines but maybe up there!!??!! But touch wood day 3 after first chemo perhaps not too awful.  Tired yes and bodily tired.  I can do this!!! Good weekend all!!! X

  • Yes! Linsa that’s the spirit. You can do this! Listen to your body and rest. I preach to myself. Have a good weekend. 

    love Judy xxxx

  • Hi LinSA, Of course you can. We are all routing for you!

    As Judy said, rest! Your body needs rest so you can be ready for next time.

    Judy & LinSA  It is sometimes a case of do what I say NOT what I do! I think we are all very good at telling others to rest but when it comes to ourself we just say "oh I'll finish this first, then I'll rest" What do you think?

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Headache not as bad today.  Feel tired and it's my birthday so family coming to put on lunch! So blessed with my ppl!!! Few hours of family fun then off to rest again! Thanks for always welcome advice. Xx