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Lovely morning - daily chit chat Thread - no 11

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Morning, new thread, other, has had a few replies.

Normal chit chat, talk about every day life, what you are doing for the day, bloods, scans app, though if a special topic, please start another thread..

Enjoy every day the best you can,

  • Morning Ellie, how are you? I need to get up! Very busy weekend and I’m worn out and didn’t sleep as too cold, need to sort that out. But have meetings today so need to rise and face the day. Yea then coffee will help 

    Jac x

  • Good thanks, to cold lol,

    Well enjoy your meetings,   keeps mind busy glad you had a good weekend, xx

  • Hi everyone, I'm Jen

    I've recently been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer with liver metastases and start treatment in the next week or two. It's all been quite a shock, but I am glad to have found this community.

  • Hi sorry you have had to come here, though you are welcome.

    If you wish to talk about a special topic, you can always start a new thread.

    Here we talk about, daily chit chat, going for bloods, scans, what we may do today, or just rubbish, me included.

    I to have incurable lung cancer, if you click of my picture will take you to my profile, and you can see my journey so far.

    Others will come along, we all support each other, lovely bunch of people. xxx

  • Hi Jen. Welcome to the group. I too have incurable lung cancer. It was diagnosed last October. I can understand it was a shock. You will find encouragement along the way with this group. 
    sending hugs Hugging Judy xx

  • Hello Jen, a very warm welcome to you. You will find a lot of support, fun, humour and loads more too. I am sure you are still processing everything but you really have come to the right place - we are all living with cancer but also having adventures, doing  crafts, a Book Club and lots more! Very best wishes and I look forward to getting to know you. xxxxxxxxx

  • Oh thank god I've found the right no. 11. Thought I was going daft there xx


  • Think you are daft, it is the wine this time of day tut tut

  • Yes getting my hair done tomorrow, glad yours is done 

  • Hi Jen welcome to the mad House House It's  an awful shock when the incurable but treatable verdict is given. It takes time to come to terms with it. Crying, anger, why me. Just jump on here and have a rant, always somebody will reply. Keep posting, looking forward to getting toknow you. Sending hugs xx