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Lovely morning - daily chit chat Thread - no 11

Morning, new thread, other, has had a few replies.

Normal chit chat, talk about every day life, what you are doing for the day, bloods, scans app, though if a special topic, please start another thread..

Enjoy every day the best you can,

  • I will have a wine later  It's to early lol xx


  • When I heard those words. I was a glass half empty my husband, Ritchie, was a glass half full. I went through the same emotions as you Moi. I heard, incurable. Ritchie heard, treatable. It’s taken ages for me to process it but I’m getting there Grin…have a CT scan tomorrow then Fish n chips in a famous fish n chip shop in Rhos on Sea Yum

  • That's the way to do it, be kind to yourself, a nice treat mmm fish and chips. It's the waiting for ct results gets me. We went to Llandudno for Easter and had a nice day in Rhos on Sea, had fish and chips there too. Press on my picture and read my story. Big hugs xx


  • Oh good luck for uour scan fingers crossed for good results MGS23. xx


  • Moi you certainly are a survivor! Have read your story. When we love life then it’s worth fighting for. 
    Big hugs Hugging xx

  • That is so true. I live my best life and just get on with things. Still get the odd down day and give myself a good talking to. Big hugs xx


  • Hello everyone! I found you at last lol.  Hello Jen.  Jac’s you need to get your oncologist to get those papers back to your work.  Thanks for the good wishes and I now have an actual retirement date everyone, so the 2nd of June it is.  I am thinking a wee online party, retirement cake, some karaoke? Everyone up for it?? 

    Anyway relieved to finally get a date of sorts as it has dragged on too long now, although they have been excellent with me. 

    Hope you all had good days and nice to see a number 11, thanks Ellie. 

    See you all in the morning, have a good rest 


    M x 

  • One day and a time and lovey life to the best, that’s all we can do :) Good luck with the CT scan tomorrow and enjoy the fish n chips. 

  • June 2nd, booked on calender, hurray party dress out, if moths have not been at in lol, xxx