Baking Thread

Hi there!

I think a few people here like baking cakes and a few more perhaps like eating them and discussing them.   Here's a new themed post then to share your creations and your favourites.  My go-to cake is carrot cake.  

  • Chocolate Mocha muffins.  

  • Hi Mmum.

    They look great, I'm in the I like to eat category.

    Have a great evening

  • I do love to bake Mmum but don’t very often as I end up eating it ! I did make soda bread the other day and that was delicious warm with butter. No photo though! I do make delicious coffee choices buns which is often what I take along to bring and share social gatherings or parties . My friend always asks me to make them. Your cakes look yummy x

  • Hi Mmum, yes if I had to choose a go-to cake, it would be carrot cake too! Your Chocolate Mocha muffins look delicious! Plus I bet the aroma from them, freshly baked, was gorgeous. I am in the ‘love to eat’ category! All you bakers, please do post your photos. Cake

  • This is my chocolate cake. Is made on request for my family. Alas not good for diabetics. xx


  • Hi  

    Great idea! I like to bake as well, my produce doesn't look as professional as your buns or  cake.

    I usually make loaf cakes, especially ones to use up on the turn bananas. I also sometimes make pies. I use tinned steak in gravy or those tinned chicken in white sauce. I make my own pastry though! I make a decent quiche as well, not got any photos though but like I say, they taste ok but not much to look at!

    A x

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  • I needed a lemon last week for a dinner dish.  One supermarket didn't have any, another only had a bag of 5 lemons.  I therefore decided lemon cake would sort my surplus supply of lemons ie Lemon drizzle cake or similar.  I started these lemon curd muffins only to realise once I'd measured the flour and the sugar that they actually didn't need fresh lemons Laughing  oops!


  • Hi Mmum Mmmmm next time put the fresh lemon juice in some icing sugar to your liking, top the cakes loverly and yummy. Or put a good squeeze  of lemon juice in your cake mix it lifts the flavour. Me personally would eat the cakes how they are. I luv cske xx


  • Or slice the lemons thinly on  cling film, wrap and freeze.  Perfect for summer drinks!