Not such a Good Day!

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this on behalf of Tvman who wanted to let you know he will be absent from the Forum for a bit.

Mrs T. Sent away the Bowl Screening Kit they send every two years. She got a phonecall to say further tests were necessary because blood was found in the sample. They arranged a Scope but it had to be cancelled because they all had Covid. It was rearranged for the other day and afterwards the doctor diagnosed bowel cancer.

As yet they have not mentioned what stage but there will be a meeting on Wednesday to discuss what comes next. Tvman will therefore be going to the usual initial appointments to support his wife, the way she has been supporting him, so his mind will be on his family rather than the Forum.

Of course it is devastating news for the family, I myself was shocked when I heard. I'm sure all our thoughts and best wishes are with them.


Take Care, love Annette xxx

  • Hi  

    Very sorry to hear this news, thanks for letting us know. Hope you are ok, it can be difficult telling other people. I hope they've found it early Mrs tvman, thinking of you and the family.

    A x

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  • So sorry to hear this news Thank you for letting us know have my fingers crossed and everything else that they have caught it early as you say why do things happen to good people xxx

  • Thank you Annette for taking the time to update us. So sorry to hear this news, if you get a chance please pass on prayers and my thoughts , such a lovely person and a brilliant support to a lot of us on here.


  • Oh no, so sorry to hear the news. I hope as well they caught it early ...i'm so so sorry. Mrs Tvman has always been so strong and supportive to her hubby. I hope they both go trough it okay.  Sending love and strenght.

    Thanks Annette for letting us know.

  • Oh no! How cruel life can be. I’ve been missing tvman and all his gardening tips and news. Please pass on my love and hugs to both of them x

  • Will do, I know he appreciates all the messages.

    Brrr it's too cold here for the garden today!! 

    Love Annette x

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  • Horrible news for you tvman. Hugs to you both.  Rainie x

  • Ho Tvman, what a rotten time your having my thoughts and prays are with you 

  • Hi Annette, I wondered why Tvman hasn't  been about. So sorry to hear Mrs. Tvman has that diagnosis,  It was that test that found my bowel cancer. Please give them my best wishes and sending hugs xx


  • Thank you so much for letting us know Annetter,

    I am sorry I missed this post.  Had really missed TVman, please send my thoughts, wishes and prayers to him and his wife. 

    Such rotten rotten luck. 

    M x