The Book Club Thread

Hi all been chasing about books today and Shadders suggested starting a book club. So here we go.

1. We take turn a piece of picking a book.

2. We each read the story, by book, kindle , audio.

3. We give our opinions .

4. Shadders should pick the first book.

Anyone interested ?


  • Only half way threw mine, though i will do xx


  • Yes that sounds great Moi we’ll done. This is a reply to your question on the lov thread. 
     My fav author is usually the book I’m reading though I have some go to authors which are Maggie O’Farrel and Helen Dunmore. The latter died too soon, she was an amazing author. Maggie O Farrel wrote one of the best books I’ve ever read called Hamnet. It’s about Shakespeare’s son and is absolutely beautiful but very sad. It’s sounds highbrow but really isn’t. At the moment I’m reading Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. It was one of last years must reads but I didn’t get round to it. 

    Therefore the first book I pick is Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus. 

    Jac x

  • That was meant to be lovely morning thread! 

  • Hello Moi, I hope you are enjoying your weekend. The only reason I am not joining in with the Book Club at the mo is that I take absolutely ages to read a book - as a child, I was a Bookworm but although I do enjoy reading, I get distracted by my iPad, tv, sleeping! Also, I was looking at our bookshelf earlier and nearly all of the books I’ve read recently are Memoirs or Autobiographies so not really suitable as they’re not stories. Thanks for setting the Club up and if I can try not to so distracted, will hopefully join you all. PS I’ve just been in on Amazon and realised I forgot to order Richard Osman’s book - will do that shortly. xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jac, I’ve just replied to Moi2 re this thread.  I was intrigued by your mention of Helen Dunmore and having Googled her, have just ordered her final book, ‘Inside the Wave’ and is a book of poems.  I now need to go back in on Amazon and order Moi’s recommended Richard Osman book(s). xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jac,

    Agree about Hamnet: stunningly good book. 5*

    Rainie x

    Hmm. Just went and read the extract on Amazon for the lessons in Chemistry. Sorry, I can't read this. Not for me. Hope you enjoy it though.

    Rainie x

  • Hi Moi

    I would have liked to as well, but i don't really get enough time to read really & when i do it takes me a while to get through it.

    But i will be keeping an eye on your thread for suggestions on good books to read though. 

    Happy reading book worms !!

    Cat x

  • You won’t be disappointed Ruby, she’s a wonderful writer. I have a feeling she died of cancer x

  • I loved Exposure and Birdcage Walk. Haven’t read her poems but I’m sure they’re wonderful too x

  • Joy I’m a few chapters in and am taking a while to warm to it. Sarah Cox recommended it on Between the covers and loved it (on tv) so I am going to persevere. 
    wasn’t Hamnet a beautiful book? I still think about it, what a tragic story, I love the way she writes, so evocative. Have you read any other of her books? I really enjoyed I am I am I am (I think that’s what it’s called) and This Must Be the Place 

    Jac x