What i'm doing, hope to do, or would like to do this summer

Evening lovely people

Just wondering what everyone is up to this summer, If anything, have you booked a holiday, special day out or just a treat for the afternoon, evening. Something that's going give you something to look forward to.. a small boost.

It may give those of us who haven't decided yet ideas of what they can do, wether it be big or small.

I have booked to go a local..ish, small three day music festival in July,  I'm also seeing Billy Gibbons { from ZZ Top } in consert, thankfully that is local as well,

I would also love to take my van, Mr T {swb ford transit van with basic camper converstion} up to yorkshire to visit the James Herriot museum. But i am i little worried it will be too much for me with the distance etc.  My only saving grace is that if i do get too tired i can climb in the back for a kip and a cup of coffee anytime, with no real deadline to get home.

Cat x

  • Coincidentally, I have been thinking about the very same thing. Spring is here and a whole plethora of opportunities are opening up. Well, maybe not that many but as you say it would be good to have things to look forward to. I've never been to the James Herriot Museum but it's a good idea. I think I might plan a visit to Beamish Museum first. It's close by and they allow dogs. I haven't been for years but my daughter goes regularly. Having a camper van must be wonderful. I always wanted one but the opportunity never came along. We used to have a trailer and went camping a lot in Scotland, years ago. It was entertaining at the time, especially when my husband tried to connect up a second hand gas powered fridge. There was a loud bang, lots of swearing and he singed the hairs off his arm. No real harm done and a valuable lesson was learned! I'd like to go to Edinburgh again too. It's fun making plans even if they never materialise, isn't it? Good luck with your adventures. x

  • Hi Annamary

    I'll have to look the Beamish one up. Your husbands fridge story !!... great memories. My van was supposed to be a mobile workshop with very basic camping for bike rallies etc, but just had it finished I was diagnosed. So I've just had the work bench removed and a seat/bed put in instead. I would have made the cushions myself but I'm not up to it now. I've got someone to do it for me, hopefully I'll get them back next week.  It's still going to be basic, but I've always gone camping with a tent.. so this is luxury for me  !! Scotland is beautiful, I've only been once but would like to go back.

    We all need to give ourselves something to look forward to, no matter how small. Life is tough enough without going through what we are on top.

    Book your visit and go when you can.

    Maybe at the end of the summer we can come back and tell of our escapades and adventures.

    Cat x

  • Well!  The summer was looking like my nephew's wedding abroad and a 10 day trip to Madrid/Bilbao for the tour de france. Travel insurance looked good in 2022.  I ticked the boxes.  Booked the Spain flights.  Then went to get the insurance but it was declined due to a pesky nasal endoscopy pending for (we think) a side effect of these fab drugs I am on.  I'm an advance planner so flights booked too early really and they are non-refundable.  grrrrr  Maybe not, on the holiday front then.  

    If no travel then we have student accommodation to furnish for my daughter and that will be bloody good fun!  I'll get to spend quality time with her and see her relaxing and enjoying herself.  What's not to like? !

    Finally we are all  (me, hubby, daughter) volunteering at the Cycling World Champs in Glasgow in July, although only my daughter has been offered a role at the moment.  

    If you guys are coming to Scotland, post on here beforehand and maybe we can arrange a gathering.  There's a few folk on here in Scotland.  

    • We should definitely do that. Remembering good times is almost as good as going away again. You've motivated me to think of other good places to visit now. 'Things  we did on our holidays.' it will be great! 
  • Glasgow sound like fun. I hope you can all take part. It will be good to help out as a family. 

    My husband's mother is from Aberdeen and he spent a lot of time there as a boy. A long time ago!

    I used to visit my cousins in Perthshire. A beautiful county. They still live in Scotland but I haven't seen them in years. We keep in touch and meet up sometimes at family functions.

    I'll certainly let you know if we are heading north in the summer. 

    Have a good evening. X

  • Oooh nice thread! We’ve just bought a boot jump to convert a car to micro camper and plan to visit Scotland in June. We need to think of somewhere close to practice first…and we need to buy the car! 

    Jac x

  • We had an extra special holiday last summer, my daughter got married in Cyprus, it gave me the something  to aim for, we thought well this might be the last time we get to go to Cyprus as we have holidayed there numerous times over the years as my husband has family over there, he's half Cypriot.  I'm so glad we did it was a day I'd never thought I'd see, it was an amazing day one I'll never forget.

    This year we're going up to Aviemore for the Harley Davidson weekend it's a fantastic weekend been a couple of times before, luckily we have our own wee caravan so got all the home comforts plus the dogs love it as well. 

  • Yes Jac a car would be a good idea! Pitlochry is lovely in June!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • A Glasgow meet up sounds like a great idea! Count me in!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi AnnaMary, why shouldn't they materialise, my daughter and her family are going to Beamishn next week. They have hired a cottage in Durham they did that last year too and they all loved it!

    We usually try to take a few breaks not too far away and just go B&B or B,B&D to Pitlochry and we love Oban & Ayr on the west coast.,you don't need insurance when you are travelling in your own country too, so no hassle.

    Just get the map books out and off you go!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!