Well glad i young when i was.

Thought i would watch some of  Glastonbury, well not sure what to say, not my cup of tea, but i  am no youngster.

To me just a bloody racket, but each to their own,

Bring back the good old days, regarding music, and decent songs that,last for ever.

Ellie x

  • Paul McCartneyHeart  I always think of Linda, rip.

  • For a person of 80, he did very well, i thought, at least i could understand him.

    Ellie x


  • Hi Elle like you I'm on 3groups but this is the best one, ok as incurables we all have sadness, but equally there is a lot of fun here as well.

    If I like a song I just sing it so no one type of music, never really got on with punk or rap what a boring person I am, I don't know what the future holds so I enjoy every moment I can.

    All the best Ulls 

  • You sound like all old people Ellie. " wasn't like that in my day"  of course it was like that in your day.

    Don't be grumpy or you won't get an invite to Rainies 70th where you will be headlining,!

  • Perhaps i do sound like an old person, but young at heart, at least the music of my day, i still know all the songs, and can sing them even though a bit  out of tune, Todays music  are really one hit bands not many last, and and a fly by night wonders.

    Do not try to make out your not an old grumpy man.

    Ellie x


  • Of course I am, its one of the great pleasures of being a BIT older. Xxx

  • I can't stand rap. Just put a 'C' in front of the name and that sums it up for me. It's music [so called] for people who can't sing. Rainie x

  • I was brought up with my Dad singing all the a songs from the war years, so I know all the words for everything that was popular from that time. Some wonderful, some totally daft. Also love all the Rogers & Hammerstein shows especially the music from South Pacific. Good music is good music no matter the era.  Having said that, you can't beat The Eagles. Rainie x

  • Now come on everyone, open your minds to diverse music. We are so lucky to be able to listen and watch all types of singing in all styles.

    Sorry, had a bit of brain fade, it's all unadulterated rubbish. Put that in your pipes and smoke it. 

  • I enjoy variety in music from country to rock and roll.

    i enjoy watching Jules Holland. Glastonbury was fun to watch xx