feeling low

For the last week or so I’ve been struggling to eat. The back of my tongue is very sore and dry, so I spoke to the consultant yesterday she prescribed some mouthwash, which was duly delivered and I started using today. I have been monitoring my tongue and mouth generally and today I discovered some lumps at the back of my tongue. I don’t have a clue what the are and the specialist nurses have finished for the weekend so I can ring and ask there advice and I don’t know if it’s serious enough to ring the RSU as this is for emergencies regarding treatment, on the other hand I’m really struggling to eat and I feeling very tired and weak. Any advice would be welcome 

  • Phone up and get some advice Hamhat, you can't spend the weekend worrying about this. It sounds very unpleasant and in my view it is an emergency. Best wishes.

  • Hi I would phone for advice as it's effecting your eating there has to be someone you can phone on your medical team or gp and they will tell you what to do hope this helps

  • I would phone the helpline too. I have had to phone it a few times on the weekend and they have always told me that was the right thing to do so they can assess it for you and tell you what to do. Best wishes.


  • If you are struggling to eat it is worth calling. In my experience they'd rather you called so that they can assess you now, than leave it. The only thing that would stop me calling was if I knew that I would not go in to the unit if they suggested it.

    Best wishes 


  • I know your predicament as I hate fuss and would rather put up with things but I'm slowly learning that it's not right. If you're tired and weak now, you need help/ advice/ meds.

    Hope you get sorted.

    Amanda x

  • , I didn't see your post yesterday but I would have corroborated others' advice to make a phone call because if you're not able to eat properly and your health is affected due to not taking in enough food which is making you feel tired and weak. Did you make that phone call and if yes, what was the advice given?

    Hope you're feeling better today, Hamhat.


    Love life and family.
  • Hope you have made a phone call and getting some help xxx


  • Hope you called and got some help/reassurance. Let us know how it worked out. Hugs. Rainie x

  • Hi Hamhat, I have replied to you in the lung group. I hope you are feeling better today x 


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  • Any news  how you are ?

    Did the mouthwash help ?

    Did you get some help ?

    it is horrible not to be able to eat xxx