Cancer and coronavirus, part 2

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Hi all,

Have just learnt today that it is highly likely that I have got/had a mild form of covid.

Started with a cold (definitely) at the beginning of the month. I then told school I was going home (I work Monday only) on the 16th as I just didn't want to be around crowds. I have NOT been out since. Boy at school had covid on the friday 20th.That weekend I was short of breath, tight chest, green catarrh, sometimes diarrhea. Chose to ring GP rather than 111 and was put on antibiotics. Roll forward a few days and breathing improved but still not good. Cold now gone. Antibiotics finished and within a couple of days the breathlessness and sore chest is back. Cough if throat dry, this has happened all through, so still drinking like a fish. Gave up this morning when the second government letter arrived, and rang 111. Wait not too bad at half hour, and they said to ring GP. GP confirmed that likely to be covid, put back on antibiotics, keep isolating (even from family as per rules, as much as possible) and see how things go.

Good news, rest of family not caught it so far. And I have the pony field to sit in.

So. No fever, no persistent cough. Happy to answer any questions if I can. 

Stay safe and at home! Xx 

  • I have a few friends on exactly the same timeline........ “Like having the flu” a few have said.

    Stay safe and ((hugs)) from a safe distance.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • I have to say I don't get flu! Only once in my early 20's, not since. I get bad colds, and yes this was similar but more aggressive.

    Thanks for the hug. The isolation is a b****r!!

  • I have had a few very bad infections over the past few winters including the RSV Virus, Pneumonia x2 and Sepsis x2 and you know things are wrong when your temperature is over 40 and a Blue light is flashing at the front door - I am being rather philosophical about it is what it is and I will just have to get through it.

    I am now at the end of my third week now..... a lot of friends are sending texts/emails/WhatsApps saying " did you go through this 2 times for over 6 - 9 months each time?"........ well I had no option - but this time I can do something about it.


    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Update in case anyone is following.

    By Tuesday I was concerned that I was not feeling any better. Still breathless and chest hurting particularly in the afternoon. So I rang the GP. After a thought they rang back and wanted to see me. Good news was my O2 was 98%, and temp ok. But a crackle on my chest. So finish off the antibiotics and see how I go.

    Today, Friday, dare I say it I am not as breathless and for once (so far) my chest doesn't hurt!! That's probably tempting fate.....

    Take care all, xx

  • Update

    A week further on, I am less breathless at last, but still know if I 'over do' it, but what I can do seems to vary!! Still very tired. Partly not quite recovered from chemo (I gave myself until Easter, but then covid happened) and the covid-19  . Brain not as sharp yet, possibly a result of being tired. 

    I did wonder if things would get worse when the antibiotics stopped (like last time) but nope, hurrah!

    Went for a blood test on wed for the trial team phone consultation today, and it seems all is well. Reassuring. Systems all go for the next 3 months of the trial.

    Reflecting on this illness, it is very reminiscent of when cancer is diagnosed, and you feel in limbo, with 1001 questions. The main difference is that there is no-one to answer your questions or worries, as no-one has any answers yet. So it can be difficult.

    Stay safe everyone, covid-19 is not recommended!!

  • Well it is a further fortnight , and I think I am finally over whatever bug it was, probably covid-19, but I won't ever know unless I get an antibody test. Breathing is better, now need to try and get fit again, which is difficult under current restrictions! So that has been about 6 weeks all told, from possible catching until now. Will I ever know where it came from? Probably not. But I obviously got it before I started isolating on the 16th March.

    Still have questions which cannot be answered, as don't know if I can come out of shielding - that's the main one now. But, and a BIG but, if this illness wasn't covid, then if I do catch it I will be in serious trouble. Dilemma.

    Stay safe everyone.

  • Good morning and it’s so good to hear that you are on the mend - will you ever know, time will tell.

    I have always seen the 12 week isolation period to be the initial starting point and I am convinced that depending on how the virus is presenting and if the curve we all hear about is not dropping quick enough, a second time frame will be put in and most likely a new set of guidelines put out.

    We are prepared for the long haul getting some material in to replace our large back fence so at least I will have some exercise.

    Stay safe ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • thanks for the hug, they are in short supply in shielding! One of the reasons I want to change it to just isolation. If, and I think you are correct, the shielding gets extended then I may review my situation. Most of the jobs here are outside ones, so hopefully in time I can get round to doing them. In the meantime I have applied to sew NHS waterproof gowns. I should be well bug free, and these get washed on arrival anyhow.

    Stay safe, and ((hugs)) back.

  • Hi Gemmary

    I have been following this thread and I am so please to know that you have not only turned the corner but improving now as well.  6 weeks - you really have had a rough time of it.  Good to see you are feeling motivated again.  Yes there is nothing quite like a hug at the moment - so can I send you a virtual one as well.

    Keep on improving, stay safe and keep your spirits up.

    All the best and a virtual ((Hug)) X


  • many thanks, both for your good wishes and the hug. It seems to have lasted forever not just 6 weeks, not nice when you cannot breath. Will still have to take it steady physically as not quite out of the woods, but hey, I can walk up to the gate now, up (hill) being the operative word! Mentally it has taken a bit more of a toll, and I am trying to get motivated to do anything at all, so sewing seemed a good idea. I make harness for a living, or did, so sewing made sense.

    Again, thanks for your good wishes, and that of , as you have both helped.

    Stay safe, ((hugs))