Another Christmas

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Tommorrow, it will be 3 years since my mum passed away. I tell people it gets easier and it does but I hate Christmas. I try and make it special because mum loved it so much, but my heart breaks all over again every year. Life is so different now, I am so different, we are all so different. We shuffle through our lives trying to carrying on, trying to find a life that is half normal, dad and I find it hardest we are lost and its noticable in both of us. 

I cant wait for christmas to be gone so that we can pick ourselves up and try and forget that we ever lost mum at all. X

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    It can be so tough can't it? Second Christmas for us without our amazing mum. Calmer than last year,  but there's such a big gap without her - we're a really small family.  All my best to you and your dad x