When out and about

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It can be scary venturing out with an unpredictable bowel post reversal. But I’ve found that if I can prepare, I can have a little more confidence to leave the throne at home. 

When out and about, I carry an emergency pack (some or all of the following: wipes, waterproof mat, incontinence pants, spare pants and a rectal plug. Suppositories [anusol & glycerol], latex gloves, rubbish bags, Loperamide, disabled loo key, URGENT card).

And a mini spade if in countryside, in case I’m truly desperate.

On my phone, you’ll find this toilet map app: WheelMate and a link to this website: https://www.toiletmap.org.uk/

If there are other items you’ve found helpful, please share them here. So we can keep building each other’s confidence. 

  • Aw this is a brilliant post. 
    I can’t add as  I’m definitely a toilet hugger at the moment but this will be really useful once things settle and the  BMs  are more manageable 

    Many thanks