PART 1 - I'm waiting for reversal - I need to know

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Hi all

With so many people having their stomas revisited to reverse it, lots of questions need to be asked and I thought it would be a could idea to prepare a list of common questions that you might want to ask, but I'm not going to stop at the questions I intend to fill in the answers in part 2 of this post. Before I start filling in the answers can you think of any other questions that you would like an answer to and I can include them in the list and make a very comprehensive fact sheet for all in the future.

If you've been reversed and have a question you wish you had asked or if you are waiting to be reversed and you have a question that you would like answered this is your chance to add to the list of questions and get the answers.

Will you join in, please.


This is my list of FAQS 



Q. What is a stoma reversal?

Q. How is a stoma reversal done?

Q. When is a stoma reversal done?

Q. I have a loop ileostomy, colostomy can I have a reversal?

Q. I have an end ileostomy, colostomy can I have a reversal?

Q. I have a urostomy can I have a reversal?

Q.What can I expect after a stoma reversal?

Q. Will I have any tests/examinations before the reversals

Q. What can I eat?

Q. Do I have to take any precautions after the reversal?

Q.When can I resume driving?

Q. When I can I return to work?

Q.Caring for myself at home?

Q. Coping with bowel problems when I get home?

Q. Are there any exercises I can do to help getting back to normal

Q. Are there any risks and side effects of stoma reversal surgery?

Can you add to this list? Let me know and I'll add to the list with answers