Laxatives, or what?

My husband had a operation on his sigmoid back in October., and a stoma made. In February this year he had another operation for adhesions and had been fine since until about a month ago. We have had 2 episodes of blocking, which unblocked themselves. The second time he was checked at the hospital and they said there was nothing wrong! I think it had worked itself right before he was seen.  Then last Saturday it started again. I got him into hospital so they could see what was happening and advise us what to do. They have said it was a blockage and might mean daily laxatives. Has anyone else had this problem and were laxatives the answer? We'll follow whatever they tell us, but wondered if anyone else has had this. I have avoided him eating all the banned foods, so feel I've done my best, to even peeling peppers!!! He has a colostomy.

  • Yes I have. I had a colostomy for a year and a blockage in the right side: I was taking loperamide for diarrhea in the bag, but they prescribed Laxido to get rid of the blocage. He has to chew his food a long time and take time to let the food go down. I remember working with an Hindu girl, last century, who told me they had to chew their food seven times before swallowing and not speak to enjoy their food...Although it had nothing to do with a stoma, at the time, I have been trying to do it with mine.

    The Laxido worked well after 3 or 4 days, all was clear again. I now have an ileostomy which is even worse! I miss eating whole tomatoes and have to stick to vegetables growing underground... Meat is ok but minced or well chewed!

    Good luck! x

  • Thanks for that, Bri26. Its somehow comforting to know its 'normal'!!!!! There is no problem with chewing. He has a stricture in his neck due to throat cancer 15 years ago, so meals take for ever. Every cloud and all that!!!!